The promotion season commences on 1st March each year, so if you are looking to move up the ladder of officialdom, the details below might help you.

Instructions for Promotion

If you wish to be considered for promotion, you should first ensure that you would be able to meet the criteria laid down by The FA.

Level 7 Promotion Scheme Eligibility

Any Level 7 referee wishing to apply for promotion for the first time must first ensure that they have officiated as a referee in a minimum of 20 games (a minimum of 14 must be in adult matches), in one registration period before applying. No affiliated association may impose any other qualification periods, which cause a delayed passage through the promotion pyramid.

Level 7-6

All Level 7 to 6 promotion candidates will be expected to meet the following criteria:

* attend a recognised in-service training seminar
* successfully complete an examination on the laws of the game
* keep their allocated Group Area Assessor Coordinator informed of all their fixtures
* referee a minimum of 20 11v11 appointed matches during the promotion season, of which a maximum of six games may be at Under 18s level
* respond to all correspondence efficiently, preferably by E-Mail
* receive a minimum of three assessments during the promotion season

Level 6-5

All Level 6 to 5 promotion candidates will be expected to meet the following criteria:

* must have met all of the above Level 7 to 6 criteria
* must have completed five 11v11 matches as an appointed assistant referee during the promotion season at senior level

Level 5-4

All Level 5 to 4 promotion candidates will be expected to meet the following criteria:

* referee a minimum of 20 adult male/female matches in total during the period 1st March 2016-28th February 2017
* complete a minimum of ten appointments as assistant referee on adult male/female matches during the period 1st March 2016-28th February 2017 (it is recommended that as many as possible are at Supply League level)
* be prepared and regularly available to referee Saturday and midweek matches
* attend one of a possible nine regional in-service Nomination Training Sessions, delivered by The Football Association
* successfully complete an examination on the laws of the game
* successfully complete an FA Referee Fitness Test prior to nomination (the minimum standard to be attained is: twelve-minute continuous run, with a minimum distance completed of 2,600 metres; two 50-metre sprints with a maximum of 7.5 seconds for each sprint)

In addition to the above, all promotion applicants must:

* register for season 2016/17 by 1st June 2016
* respond to all correspondence in writing efficiently, preferably by E-Mail
* maintain a record of all matches, whether as a referee or assistant referee
* be proficient in the completion of misconduct report writing through the FA Whole Game System and attend disciplinary hearings as required

Once you have reviewed the promotion criteria, and you are satisfied that you will be able to complete those required for your level, then please click on the following link to submit your promotion application: All promotion applications must be received by no later than 1st March each year. Any application for promotion received after this date will not be considered as the promotion season starts from 1st March and will run through to 28th February.

If you are already on the promotion scheme, you should still apply for next season and the relevant action will then be taken once the outcome of your current promotion application is known. Following the closure of the promotion application window on 1st March, all match officials who meet the criteria will then be contacted with confirmation of their place on the promotion scheme, along with the necessary details of the scheduled in-service training seminar dates.

Should you have any questions relating to the promotion scheme, please feel free to call James Lisher (Referee Development Officer) on (01245) 393097 or E-Mail

Success Stories

Congratulations to the match officials who achieved promotion during 2015/16:

Level 4 (Supply League Nominations): Samuel Everitt (Stanford-le-Hope), David Feline (Colchester), Benjamin Figg (Chelmsford), Paul Humphries (Rayleigh), Adam Miller (Southend-on-Sea), Matthew Owen (Basildon), Graham Scott (Chelmsford), Andrew Simmonds (Grays), Paul Stratton (Havering), Christopher Williams (Witham), Kane Woods (Benfleet), Patrick Yates (Harlow).

Level 6-5 (County Referee to Senior County Referee): Stephen Bartlett (Braintree), Howard Brown (Thurrock), Charlie Bruce (Brentwood), Ashley Butler (Uttlesford), Simon Caton (Rochford), Steve Challis (Basildon), Matthew Davis (Southend-on-Sea), Daniel D’Urso (Basildon), Mahdi Elhalawany (Braintree), Ryan Fox (Castle Point), Emma Gregory (Havering), Farai Hallam (Redbridge), Mark Hankin (Havering), Daniel Hill (Tendring), Alphie Ibrahim (Newham), Aaron Irvine (Southend-on-Sea), Endrit Malaveci (Barking & Dagenham), Philip Molloy (Colchester), Kadir Nazif (Havering), Olabisi Omotosho (Thurrock), Reece Pinchback (Basildon), Dumitru Vasile (Chelmsford), Stephen Weeks (Harlow), Jamie Wood (Havering), Sven Wood (Southend-on-Sea), Michael Wright (Rochford), Alp Yavuz (Chelmsford).

Level 7-6 (Junior Referee to County Referee): Antoni Askew (Basildon), Steven Buckley (Epping Forest), Christopher Bunce (Southend-on-Sea), Joe Burgess (Castle Point), Craig Charles (Harlow), Leo Del Rosso (Brentwood), Harry Dunnett (Rochford), Patrick Duverne (Sudbury), Gemma Gardiner (Tendring), James Garwood (Braintree), Nicholas Gliddon (Braintree), Taylor Hawks (Rochford), Mackenzie Klessa-Smith (Thurrock), Martin Lawrence (Maldon), Billy McKay (Colchester), Elliot Mercer (Redbridge), Stuart Nixon (Basildon), Thomas Raffan (Southend-on-Sea), George Sleigh (Colchester), Ryan Smith (Braintree), Graeme Smith (Chelmsford), Blair Stanley (Chelmsford), Alan Steward (Redbridge), Brian Taylor (Uttlesford), Gary Telling (Southend-on-Sea), John Tillett (Harlow), John Tyson (Rochford), Daniel Ward (Chelmsford), Martin Weavers (Braintree), Jack Willmore (Tendring).

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