Harold Hill 1-3 Ongar Jubilee Under 21s (Saturday Junior Trophy Final)

Essex Saturday Junior Trophy

Holders: Ongar Jubilee Under 21s

2018/19 Final: Harold Hill 1-3 Ongar Jubilee Under 21s

Essex Saturday Junior Trophy

Competitions Department
(01245) 393084

Referee Appointments and Emergency Contact
Sheryl Macrae 07789 993262

Round Dates

Round Date
1st Round to 28/09/19 Fixtures
2nd Round 05/10/19 to 12/10/19 Fixtures
3rd Round 09/11/19 Fixtures
4th Round 30/11/19 Fixtures
Quarter-Final 25/01/20 Fixtures
Semi-Final 29/02/20 Fixtures
Final To be confirmed Result