Billericay Town 3-0 Ultra Elite (Mambas) (Rosser Under 15s Cup Final)

Essex Rosser Under 15s Cup

holders: afc hornchurch

2017/18 Final: AFC Hornchurch 3-1 Concord Rangers

Essex Rosser Under 15s Cup

Competitions Department

(01245) 393084

Referee Appointments and Emergency Contact
Micah Hyde 07860 136028

Round Dates

Round Date
Preliminary Round to 06/10/19 Results
1st Round 06/10/19 to 27/10/19 Results
2nd Round 03/11/19 to 17/11/19 Fixtures
3rd Round 01/12/19 Fixtures
4th Round 19/01/20 Fixtures
Quarter-Final 09/02/20 Fixtures
Semi-Final 08/03/20 Fixtures
Final To be confirmed Result