Training Ground

The Training Ground brings some of the latest and most up-to-date session ideas and coaching techniques to your fingertips.

Anyone can become a coach. However, it does take a certain type of person to become a good coach. Ultimately, coaches need to be doing it for the right reason - the players. Coaching is about meeting the needs of your particular group of players and, therefore, coaches will need certain qualities. All of the best coaches have the following qualities: passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, innovation, good communication, approachability and selflessness.

The FA has produced a technical coaching manual for the future development of youth football in this country: The Future Game. The overriding message is regarding how we should nurture our players, to give them their best chance of achieving their highest level possible as they go through their developmental years. The Future Game resource focuses on two elements.

Firstly, the philosophy of The FA going forward and also the practical side of the game with a vast array of practices included. The FA vision for the Future Game has two strands: to produce excellent and innovative players, with exceptional decision making skills; to train, develop, qualify and support more innovative coaches, who are excellent teachers of the game.

Below we've provided some documents which will help you to embed the principles of The Future Game in your own sessions.