Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme


Find out more information about the scheme and how your club can benefit!

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme recognises outstanding young people aged 11-25 in London and Essex and provides additional funding opportunities to schools and youth groups of up to £6,100 per year. Depending on their size, groups can recognise up to 9 young people per year, and winners are awarded a special certificate, medallion and a £300 grant to be spent to benefit other young people at their group/school. All winners are invited to a prestigious celebration event organised by the Foundation with other Achievement Award winners.

Organisations on the Achievement Award scheme are also eligible to apply for additional grants including Leader Award Grants (to recognise exceptional adult leaders and provide funds for them to invest in projects) and Educational Visit Grants (to support group trips for young people).

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WHo can join & next steps?

Find out who can apply for the scheme and how you can do so! 

The Jack Petchey Foundation want to reach as many schools and youth groups as possible with the funding and programme opportunities offered as part of our Achievement Award scheme. If you are a properly constituted not-for-profit organisation, a registered charity, local authority youth club, state secondary school, college or University, with an active attendance of more than 12 young people aged 11-25 in London or Essex, then you are invited to apply!

If you would like to apply to the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme, you can do so by clicking below and filling out the simple application form on their website. Once your application has been processed, you will then be invited to a 45 minute training session followed by a visit to your organisation by a Grants Officer. 

We also partnered with the foundation to run a workshop on the scheme and how it can be used to recognise and reward young people. To watch the workshop, please click the button below. 

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Recognising & Rewarding Young People Workshop

Clubs who have benefited

Check out the stories of the clubs who have joined the Jack Petchey Foundation Scheme...

Great Bradfords FC applied for the Jack Petchey award scheme to enable us to recognise the efforts of young people that are often overlooked and whose achievements may otherwise go unrewarded. As a club it is important to recognise the diversity within the young people and realise that not all achievements are equally measurable yet all just as important to the individual. 

Achievement in grassroots football isn't purely about scoring the most goals, whilst this is largely the most celebrated. Some young people have many barriers that prevent them from being the top scorer or fastest runner but this doesn't mean they are not valued or contribute to their team. 

The Jack Petchey award scheme has enabled the club to recognise and award these young people making them feel valued and giving them a great sense of achievement. This then encourages them to continue and develop to the best of their ability. 

The grants received from Jack Petchey Foundation have become an important addition to the club. Whilst some winners have chosen to use the money on kit and equipment, many chose to organise a team building event. This has helped to build strong relationships on and off the pitch. As a club of our size we would not be able to offer such experiences without passing the cost to parents, with the cost of living rising this is difficult for many. 

Young people and club leaders have been able to utilise the educational trips and the leader award grants enabling visits to St Georges Park, Wembley Stadium,  Go Ape and other team building activities.

Great Bradfords at Wembley