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Appreciating Essex's Volunteer Workforce

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Each season we welcome nominations for Long Service Awards so we can to recognise that grassroots football simply wouldn’t exist without the selfless hard work of volunteers. Individuals from across the county are rewarded for their selfless hard work at our annual Awards Evening.

We love to see committee members and referees being presented with mementoes as a thank you for keeping football going at the lower levels. Nominations need to be made by each January, with details published in our website's 'News' section. The awards are for members parented to the Essex County FA, and there are four categories.
Long Service Award Nominations

award categories

Determined by Length of Service

Award of Merit: The nominee shall have given at least 40 years of outstanding honorary service to football in Essex, in any other capacity felt appropriate, not including playing, refereeing or managerial service, and who is approved by the Executive Council of the Essex County FA.

Outstanding Service Award: The nominee shall have given outstanding service to football in Essex over a minimum of 30 years as an administrator or referee or in any other capacity felt appropriate, not including playing or managerial service.

Exemplary Service Award: The nominee shall have given exemplary service to football in Essex over a minimum of 20 years as an administrator or referee or other capacity felt appropriate, not including playing or managerial service.

Long Service Certificate: The nominee shall have given at least 10 years of service to football in Essex as an honorary secretary of an affiliated club or competition, a registered referee, or any other capacity felt to be appropriate, not including playing or managerial service.
award of merit (40 Years)

1946: Jas T Clark MBE, 1949: Edward Smallcombe (Grays), Arthur Abraham (Southend), Captain Alfred Martin MBE (Colchester), William Daly (Leytonstone), William Spurgeon (Chelmsford), Albert Sangwine (Chingford)

1950: Albert Lee (Colchester), Arthur Garner (Leytonstone), FC Bernard Lord (Clapton FC), Alfred Lodge (Galleywood), Sidney Smith (Kelvedon), William Horrex (Chelmsford), Charles Archer (Southend), Walter Turner (Rayne), 1953: Robert Melton (Essex County FA), 1954: Jesse Barltrop (Eastons & Duton Hill FC), Edgar Lilly (Southend Chemico FC), Charles Wells (Stansted FC), Stanley Cook (Halstead & District League), George Ellis (South Essex Thursday League), 1955: Samuel Reed (South Essex League), Albert Chapman (Finchingfield Rovers FC), John Broad (Lathol Athletic FC), William George Wenn (Romford), 1956: Charles Smeathers MC (Essex County Schools FA), Leonard Duffield Knight (Tendring Hundred League and Charity Cup), 1958: Gordon Ambrose (Burnham-on-Crouch), Bernard Baddeley (Wanstead)

1960: Richard Downey (Tilbury), Sydney James (Colchester), 1961: William Young (Grays), Martin Brazier (Romford), Charles Britton (Gosfield), Harold Parish (Harlow), 1962: Alfred Potter (Tiptree), William Rand (Clacton-on-Sea), Frederick Underwood (Brightlingsea), 1964: William Hatcher (Walton Town FC), Frederick Hopkins (Leytonstone FC), Stanley Woodroffe (Southern Essex Combination), 1965: Harry Sains (Burnham Ramblers FC), 1968: Sir Stuart Mallinson CBE DSO MC DL JP (Essex County FA), William Bishop (Southminster St Leonards FC)

1970: William Finch (North Essex Cup and Essex County Youth FA), Ernest Foster (Aveley FC), Horace Foster (Aveley FC), Victor Nicholls, 1971: William Grundy (Borough Rovers FC), Charles Pullen (Colchester & East Essex League), 1972: William Edwards (Halstead Town FC), Cyril Potter (Romford & District League), 1973: Clifford Gill (Heybridge Swifts FC), Arthur Hornsby (Springfield FC), 1974: Leonard Chitty (Southern Essex Intermediate Combination), Herbert Richell (Mid Essex League), George Hammond (Harwich Charity Cup Competition), 1975: Norman Bullen (Ilford & District League and Woodstone Sports FC), 1976: Alfred Andrews (Walthamstow Avenue and Leytonstone FC), Leonard Ardley (Herongate Athletic FC), 1977: Herbert Hawes (Burnham & District Charity Competition), 1978: Baden Baker JP (Southend Borough Combination), John Bowers (South Essex Thursday League), Albert Nichols (Dagenham & District Sunday League), 1979: John Hooper (Ilford & District League), Charles French (Bishops Stortford, Stansted & District League), Walter Medlock (Hainault FC)

1980: Charles Phillips (Eton Manor FC), Kenneth Poole (Writtle FC), Stanley Stean (Clacton Town FC), Norman Burton (Coggeshall Town FC), Leonard Forge MBE (Southend Borough Combination), 1981: George Borley (Basildon & District League), Thomas Fagg (Essex Referees’ Association), Dennis Faux (Homestead FC), Douglas Stuart (Romford & District League), John Taylor (Essex County Youth FA), 1982: Walter Carter (Essex County FA), Harry Clay (Elm Park FC), Brian Mills (Ramsey FC), George Russell (Stanford-le-Hope Charity Cup), 1984: Herbert Bedlow (Leytonstone/Ilford FC), Eric Hensey DSM (Southend Borough Combination), George Newman (St John’s FC), Norman Hall (Romford & District League), Frederick Whiting (Epping Forest District Referees Society), 1986: Harold Ashley (Ilford & District League), Cyril Bright (Southend & District League), Cecil Gowlett (Battlesbridge FC), William Shuter (Southend & District League), 1987: William Hawkes (Mid Essex League), Frederick Simmonds (South Essex Sunday League), 1988: Roy King (Romford & District League), Ronald Edwards (Southend & District League), 1989: Leonard Choppin (Collier Row FC), Walter Dalley (Barking FC), Edward Lilley (Rowhedge FC), Kenneth Sutliff (Aveley FC), Arthur Dimond (Harlow & District League)

1990: Owen Wise (Clapton FC), 1991: Douglas Hemming (Southend Borough Combination), 1995: Jack Newton (Mundon Vics FC), 1996: Peter Fidge (Tiptree United FC), 1998: Allan Bones (RA Rovers FC), 1999: Gordon Brasted (Burnham Ramblers FC), George Gross (Leyton Pennant FC), John Hersant (Colchester & East Essex League)

2000: Richard Holt (Walton Town FC)

2001: Thomas Walker (Essex Sunday Corinthian League), Derek Stubbington (Vange & District League)

2002: Thomas Sloane (Dagenham & Redbridge FC), Donald Hay (Thurrock Association Sunday League), James Chambers (Harwich Rangers FC)

2003: Cyril Gray (Thundersley & Hadleigh FC), Harry Barker (Echo Junior League)

2004: Fred Cox (Kelvedon Hatch FC), Bertram Frost (Mistley United FC), Betty Gardner (Romford & District and Southern Essex Intermediate Combination Leagues), Charles Rand MBE (Essex Intermediate League)

2005: Stanley Hamilton (Sunday Corinthian League), Alan Day (White Ensign FC), Eric Coleman (Tiptree Heath FC)

2008: Alan Cross (Essex Business House League), Sydney Morrell (Essex Business House League)

2009: Dennis Peach (Ashdon FC and Halstead & District League), Cyril Ling (Little Waltham FC)

2010: Maura James (Pegasus Youth FC), Bob Tyler (Barnston AFC)

2011: Gordon Harvey (Southminster St Leonards FC), Len Cordell (Redbridge FC), Walter Collins (Barking Borough FC), Brian Challis (Essex Referees Association)

2012: Gordon Chapman (Tillingham Hotspur FC)

2013: Terry King (Aveley FC), Tony Hoskins (Southend)

2015: Peter Groves (Redbridge United YFC), Howard Parker (Glendale FC)

2016: Tommy South (Thurrock FC)

2017: Brian King (Burnham & District Charity Cup), Albert Lant (Concord Rangers FC)

2018: Lawrence Segal (Essex Senior League), Norman French (Byron Red Star FC), Michael Nunn (Debden Sports FC), Dick Royce (Great Baddow FC), Stuart Rose (Mid Essex League), Ken Pearce (Mid Essex League), Dave Medlock (Rayleigh Town FC)

2020: Richard Dengville (Essex & Suffolk Border League), Maurice Charter (Priory Sports FC), Brian Mitchell MBE (Rayleigh Boys & Girls YFC), David Barley (Thurrock Association League), Graham Monk (Thurrock Association League), Charlie Francis (Thurrock Association League)

2021: Derek Vernon (Leytonstone United), Dennis Yellop (Leytonstone United), Barry Sackett (Leytonstone United), Kevin Reilly (Leytonstone United), Ken Tunbridge (Leytonstone United), Peter Andrews (Leytonstone United), John Bartlett (Wickford Town FC), Alan Payne (Wickford Town FC), Geoff Page (Colchester & District Youth League), Robert Pashley (Southend & Basildon Sunday League), Jim Woolley (Brentwood Sunday League)

2022: Anna Longman (Stanway Villa YFC), Bob Ormston (Southend Collegians & SB&DFC), (Tony Brazier (Walthamstow FC), Donald Fraser (Landwick FC), Kevin Davies (Colchester & District Sunday League), Frank Smith (Southend Referees Society & Essex County Referees Association), Terry Francis (Harwich & Parkeston FC)

outstanding services award (30 years)

2002: Alan Day, Brian Best, Leslie Phillips, Michael Elliott, Nicholas Janes, Reginald Janes

2003: Peter Groves (Redbridge United Boys FC), Tony Hoskins (Services to Football in Southend), John Smaller (Services to Football in Tiptree and Maldon), Keith Campen (Loughton Boys FC), Ted Maidens (Colchester & District Sunday League), Doug Winship (Belhus Park FC, Horndon Youth FC, AFC Horndon), Gordon Chapman (Tillingham Hotspur FC), Dave Haycock (Services to Southend & District Junior League, Southend Manor Junior FC), Yvonne Haycock (Services to Southend & District Junior League, Southend Manor Junior FC), Barry Long (Writtle Manor FC)

2004: Andrew Mills, Dennis Bloomfield, John Pye, Justin Kilby, Lew Monkton, Nicholas Smith, Philip Mills, Robin Mills, Roger Jakes, Ron Spurgeon, Ted Goddard

2005: David Barclay (Belhus Park Athletic FC), William Grove (Jurgens Sports FC), Lieutenant Colonel Peter Andrews OBE (Colchester Youth League), Howard Parker (Glendale FC), Stanley Smith (Referee), Anthony Phillips (Westcliff Amateur FC), Robert Balaam (Harwich Rangers FC), Andrew Gray (Sunday Shrimpers FC), Colin Rogers (Sunday Shrimpers FC), Paul Mallen (Sunday Shrimpers FC), Terry Francis (Harwich & Parkeston FC, Sunday Shrimpers FC), Michael Collins (Services to Football, Harwich Charity Cup), Michael Sellars (Border Rangers FC), Terry Alder (Melbourne Sports FC), Don Shearwood (Melbourne Sports FC), Arthur Clarkson (Clayhall FC, Ilford & District League, Ilford Legion), Fred Farrow (Referee), Michael Holmes (Referee), Ronald Coles (Referee, Ilford Referees Society), Colin Smith (Chigwell FC, Ilford & District League), George Medlock (Leytonstone United FC), Derek Almond (Dagenham & Redbridge FC), Clifford Wing (Referee)

2006: Norman French (Byron Red Star YFC), Derek Martin (Referee, New Havering FC, Hutton Medway FC, Datels FC), Julian Coles (Great Bentley FC), Bob Ormston (Old Collegians FC), Neil French (Great Bentley FC), John Hill (Heybridge Social FC, Maldon St Mary’s FC), Terry Stowers (Heybridge Social FC, Heybridge Swifts FC, Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League, Essex & Herts Border Combination), Barry Oakley (Colchester & East Essex League, Cherry Tree Rovers FC)

2007: Len J Albon (Leytonstone United FC), Len R Albon (Leytonstone United FC), Peter Andrews (Leytonstone United FC), Terry Ball (Bishops Stortford, Stansted & District League, Birchanger FC), David Barrick (Bishops Stortford, Stansted & District League, Potter Street FC), John Barry (Bishops Stortford, Stansted & District League), Bob Brimacombe (Mid Essex League, Essex Veterans League), Graham Chell (Essex & Suffolk Border League), Kenneth Clementson (Services to Refereeing), Peter Coote (Echo Junior League, Great Danes FC), Andrew Darvill (Marquis Sports FC), Eddie Davies (Maypole Colts FC, Maypole Athletic FC), Sylvia Davies (Maypole Colts FC, Maypole Athletic FC), Walter De’ath (Romford Charity Cup), Richard Degville (Essex & Suffolk Border League, Stanway Rovers FC), Keith Everett (Services to Refereeing), Christopher Hellmers (Sheering FC), Bob Hurrell (Mid Essex League, Referee), George Lewis (Services to Refereeing), Bob Mackney (Spartan FC), Richard Mays (Harlow & District Sunday League, GPO FC, Great Parndon CA FC), Gordon Mead (Weeley Athletic FC), Ken Pearce (Mid Essex League, Anglia Polytechnic University FC), Brian Reed (Weeley Athletic FC), Kevin Reilly (Leytonstone United FC), John Rushforth (Bishops Stortford, Stansted & District League, Newport FC), John Russell (Essex & Suffolk Border League), Barry Sackett (Leytonstone United FC), Kenneth Salmon (Colchester & District Sunday League, Acorn Charity Invitation Shield), Michael Shepherd (Essex Sunday Corinthian League, Lions FC), Ken Tunbridge (Leytonstone United FC), Chris Whittingham (Harwich Rangers FC), James Edward Woolley (Brentwood Sunday League), Dennis Yellop (Leytonstone United FC)

2008: Paul Daw (Saffron Walden Town FC, Uttlesford Charity Cup), Stephen Harding (East Hanningfield FC), Albert Lant (Concord Rangers FC), Wally Bernard (Harwich Rangers FC), Derrick Valentine (Stambridge United FC), Terry Ellingham (Harlow & District Sunday League), Alan Griffin (Canning Town FC, Newham United FC), Terry Rackley (Services to Football in Harlow), Michael Stebbing (Services to Refereeing), Richard Hewitt (Services to Refereeing), Ronald Woolmer (Services to Refereeing), Charles Hewitt (Services to Refereeing, Colchester & District Sunday League), Vic Stubbington (Horndon Vets FC)

2009: Bob Piper (Marconi Athletic FC), Roger Sampson (Great Wakering Rovers FC), Peter Bantick (Lacey Wanderers FC), Cliff Nowell (Lacey Wanderers FC), Colin Hambrook (Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League), Ian Geater (Rayleigh Royals FC), Lawrence Segal (Echo Junior League), Eric Gallacher (Writtle FC), Frank Thompson (Wivenhoe FC, Colne FC, Clacton Town FC, Rowhedge FC, Brightlingsea United FC, Wivenhoe Town FC and Alresford Colne Rangers FC), Tom Abrahams (Gosfield United FC and Halstead & District League), Mike Wiggett (Sceptre Sunday League)

2010: Terry Cove (Manford Way FC), Ricky Webb (Hawkwell Athletic YFC, South-East Essex Mini-Soccer), Philip Newman (Sheering FC, Bishop’s Stortford, Stansted and District League), Colin Lowe (Harwich & Parkeston FC, Harwich Charity Cup, Dennis Bogg Memorial Cup), Terence Francis (Harwich & Parkeston FC, Sunday Shrimpers FC, Harwich Charity Cup), Alan Phillips (SFC Dagenham), Chris Manley (Essex, Herts & Bordering Counties Combination, Essex Thames Side Trophy, Eastern Junior Alliance and Referee), Raymond Evans (Referee)

2011: Colin Ball (Referee), Derek Harman (Epping Forest Referees Society, Forest & District Sunday League), Reg Harris (Thurrock Referees Society, Essex Referees Association, Thurrock Association Sunday League), Michael Nash (Old Southendian FC), Reginald Tarling (Rectory Rovers YFC, Risden Wood YFC), John Stansfield (Echo Junior League, Essex Minors (Hornchurch) FC)

2012: Albert Hodgson (Echo Youth League), Ann Longman (Stanway Villa FC), Brian Mason (Referee), Eddie Fowles (Frenford Senior FC), George Georghiou (Frenford Senior FC), John Hall (Hutton FC), John Snowling (Wormingford Playing Field), Ken Robinson (SFC Billericay), Paddy Hunter (Frenford Senior FC), Stuart Rose (Mid Essex League), Tom Woodley (Braintree Town FC), Tony Carroll (Senrab YFC), Tony Child (Braintree & Bocking United FC)

2013: Gordon Bangs (Thurrock Fire FC, Referee, Thurrock Association Sunday League), David Barley (Belhus Park Athletic FC), Alan Bramble (Teleng FC, Thurrock Association Sunday League), Ernie Clark (Referee), David Clarke (Upminster All Stars FC), Donald Clift (E2V Technologies FC), Paul Deller (Referee, South Essex Sunday League), Wayne Deller (Nova FC, South Essex Sunday League, Referee), Barry Fitzgerald (Dagenham Working Men’s Club FC, Winding Way FC, Essex Business Houses League, Romford Charity Cup, St Peter’s FC), John Fothergill (Parkside Rangers FC, Colchester & East Essex League), Charlie Francis (Referee, Vange & District Sunday League, Basildon Sunday League, Thurrock Association Sunday League), Barry Guymer (Inter Clacton FC, Inter Hotspurs FC, Clacton & District Sunday League, Tom Peppers FC, Napier Royals FC), Nick Janes (Referee, Southend Borough & District Football Combination, CE Heath FC, Southend Floodlight League, Reed Stenhouse Rovers FC, Pete Simmonds Cup), Graham Monk (Thurrock Association Sunday League, Referee, Referee Assessor), Alan Shrosbree (Referee), Stephen Smith (Referee), Barry Vernon (Harwich & Parkeston FC), Geoff Williams (Hainault FC, Referee, Independent Sunday League)

2014: Adrian Marsh (Plantation Youth FC), Bob Ormston (Southend Collegians FC), Bill Fegan (Referee), Brian Martin (Alresford Colne Rangers FC), Brian Neal (Referee), Brian Stubbings (Essex Olympian League, Referee), Dave Axcell (Referee), Errol Soper (Billericay Town Colts YFC), Jim Adams (Referee), Keith Everett (Essex Sunday Football Combination, Referee), Peter Knott (Referee), Robert Pickup (Hockley & Hawkwell FC, Southend & District League, Southend Sunday League, Southend Charity Football Competition, Southend & District Borough Combination, Referee), Terry Thwaites (Referee)

2015: Roger Crane (Braintree & North Essex Sunday League, Greene King Veterans League, Essex County FA, Referee), Douglas Sabin (Barnston FC, Dunmow Rhodes YFC, Bishop’s Stortford Stansted & District League), Robert Errington (Essex Senior League), Margaret Errington (Essex Senior League, Canvey Island FC, Southend Manor FC), Mark Edgell (Silver End FC), Ron Colman (Springfield FC, Baddow Royals FC, Sandon Royals FC), Norman Ingram (Ilford Referees Society, Barkingside FC, London Spartans FC, Essex & Herts Border Combination, Spartan South Midlands League, Referee), Bryan Harvey (Referee), Phil Coulthard (Essex Olympian League), Stephen Newlyn (Woodham Radars FC, Sporting Club Woodham FC, Southend & District Junior League, Essex Veterans League), Mike Wiggett (Sceptre Sunday League), Gordon Evans (Essex Olympian League), Neil Poulson (Silver End FC), John Cawson (Referee), Terry Ball (Bishop’s Stortford Stansted & District League), Eric Gallacher (Writtle FC, Essex Olympian League, Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League), Steve Terrell (Sheridan FC, Referee), Rodney Green (Selcombe Athletic FC, North Weald FC, Epping Forest Referees Society, Bishop’s Stortford Stansted & District League), Alf Benfield (Springfield FC)

2016: Alf Banner (King George V FC, Stockwell Arms FC, Colchester & District Sunday League, Colchester Deaf FC), Bob Chesney (Global FC, Essex Sunday Football Combination), Barry Sweeting (Herongate FC), Dean Savage (Referee), Jenny Arnold (Springfield FC), Peter Godfrey (Referee and Essex Olympian League), Peter Burrowes (Referee), Peter Cubley (Referee), Paul Clarke (Referee), Melvin Bloss (Referee), Paul Allen (Herongate FC)

2017: Anthony Darke (Referee), Leslie Fordman (Wheatleys FC, Southend Borough Combination Veterans League), Michael Machin (Chelmsford Youth League), Adam Maine (Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League), David Parker (Referee), Martin Smith (Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League), Thomas Classick (Referee), Brian Harris (Referee)

2018: Sue Stanfield (Echo Junior League), Michael Thomas (Southend Sunday League), Ronald Bright (Southend Sunday League), Roger Bowman (Colchester & District Sunday League), Paul Blackwell (Essex County Girls’ League, Island Girls FC, Southfields FC), Michael Fry (Woodham Radars FC), Malcolm Shaw (Southminster Youth FC, Referee, Blackwater & Dengie Youth League), Keith Handley (Heathwell United FC, Essex Senior League), Dave Duffett (Referee)

2019: Alan Romain (Referee), David Chinery (Referee), Frederick Fairchild (Referee), Geoffrey Saunders (Referee), Graham Austin (Referee), John Ackred (Referee), John Finn (Referee), John Hopkins (Referee), John Machnicki (Referee), Joseph Buda (Referee), Keith Yeo (Referee), Michael Cottee (Referee), Michael Debens (Referee), Michael Summerville (Referee), Mike Sessions (Referee), Paul Eldridge (Referee), Raymond Martin (Referee), Robert Salmon (Referee), Robert William Henson (Colchester & District Youth League), Trevor Megran (Referee)

2020: Jim Melhuish (Harold Hill Youth), Terri Whyman (Witham Phoenix), James Quilter (Essex Womens League) Robert Warner (Colchester & District Sunday League), Richard D B Leech (Referee), Dawn Barnard MBE (Essex County Womens League & Chelmsford City Ladies FC), Ray Sherrin (Buckhurst Hill FC), Mary Burton (Southend Sceptre Sunday League), Ian Ansell (Billericay Town & Essex Alliance League), Pat Ansell (Billericay Town & Essex Alliance League), Alec Berry (Thurrock Association Sunday League), Stuart Bookey (Referee), Anthony Mercer (Referee)

2021: John Graham (Brookhouse & Chelmsford Sunday League), Andy Durso (Referee), Chris Evans (Wickford Town FC), Gary Heard (Referee), Jack Warriner (Blackwater & Dengie Youth League), James Gareth Haynes (Referee), John Copeland (Referee), Keith Succamore (Referee), Lee Chilvers (Essex Minors Hornchurch), Michael Allen (Referee), Michael Ewen (Referee), Mick Devlin (Referee), Patrick Carroll (Referee), Philip Barham (Referee), Terry Hunt (Referee)

2022: Gary White (Southend Collegians & SB&DFC), Terence Ripo (Colchester Referee Society), Peter Newman (Colchester & District Youth Football League), Ian Whitehead (Wakering Sports FC), Robert Chadwick (Wakering Sports FC), Kim Douglas Farmer (Colchester Town Girls FC, ECGFL, Wivenhoe Women, Wivenhoe Boys) Lee Dorling (Essex Senior League), Bernie Oram (Essex Olympian Football League), Roger Causaker (Maldon Saints YFC), Gareth Ackery (Leigh Ramblers FC), Andy Schooler (Harwich & Parkeston FC), Carl Allen (Harwich & Parkeston FC), Don French (Corringham Cosmos YFC)

exemplary services award (20 years)

2009: John Downard (Hornchurch Athletic FC), Bill Wright (Manuden FC, Elsenham FC, Dunmow Easter FC, Puton Mill FC, Birchanger FC, Lower Street FC, Dunmow Rhodes YFC), Ted Selfe (Sceptre Sunday League), Les Hill (Dagenham Sports FC and Essex Sunday Football Combination), Peter Hovell (United Chelmsford Churches FC)

2010: Richard Hollis (Billericay Town Colts YFC and Referee), Cavan Carey (Essex Royals FC), David Spurgeon (South Benfleet United FC, Southend Sunday League and Referee), Morgan Jones (South Benfleet United FC)

2011: David Cone (Lawford Lads FC), Geoffrey Cone (Lawford Lads FC), Anthony Darke (Referee), Stephen McChrystal (Ferns Juniors FC, Echo Junior League), Lynda McChrystal (Ferns Juniors FC, Echo Junior League), Mark McGarry (Leytonstone United FC), John O’Mara (Lawford Lads FC), Mark Osborne (Leytonstone United FC), Raymond Sherrin (Buckhurst Hill FC)

2012: Bob Little (Ockendon Motor Spares FC), Carol Henwood (Benfleet Villa FC), Chris Hearn (Shenfield Association FC), Colin Henwood (Benfleet Villa FC), Gary Lynch (Ockendon Motor Spares FC), Keith Howell (Stock United FC), Margaret Cook (Rayleigh FC), Paul Casey (Ockendon Motor Spares FC), Peter Newman (Colchester & District Youth League), Simon Hearn (Shenfield Association FC)

2013: Bob Ambrose (Southend Rangers FC, Southend Borough & District Football Combination), Alec Berry (Referee, Thurrock Association Sunday League), Paul Blackwell (Essex County Girls’ League), Stuart Bookey (Referee), Steve Carter (Beacon Hill Rovers FC, Palace Royals FC), Kevin Curran (Sceptre Sunday League, Southend Charity Football Competition, Southend Borough & District Football Combination, Referee), Kerry Fairless (Chalkwell United FC, Referee, Southend Borough Combination Veterans League, Southend Borough & District Combination, Emstar FC, Southend Charity Football Competition), Richard Groves (Cupids Country Club FC), Neil Huntingdon (White Notley FC), Colin Overall (Referee, Thurrock Association Sunday League), Paul Sutton (Brit Academicals FC, Railway Academicals FC), Noel Thompson (Stanway Villa YFC, Referee), Julian Ware-Lane (Southchurch Victoria FC, Referee, South-East Essex Sunday League, Southend Charity Football Competition, Essex Senior League, Southend Borough & District Football Combination), Gary White (Southend Collegians FC, Southend Borough & District Football Combination)

2014: Andy Chaplin (Mid Essex League, Silver End FC, Referee), Barry Wilson (St Edmunds YFC), Cavan Carey (Essex Royals YFC), Linda Mansfield (Maldon Saints YFC), Mick Keeble (Thurrock YFC, Grays Cosmos YFC), Ray Norris (Coastal Rangers FC, Colchester & District Youth League, Clacton & District Sunday League)

2015: Tony Trevers (Referee), Stephen Finn (Southend & District Junior League, Referee), Bernie Oram (Essex Olympian League, Referee), Terence Wicks (Jays Boys Club YFC, Essex Sunday Corinthian League), Malcolm Binstead (Canvey Orient FC, Sceptre Sunday League), Ted Selfe (Sceptre Sunday League)

2016: Trevor Williams (Referee), Anthony Mercer (Referee and Barking FC, Redbridge FC, Dagenham & Redbridge FC, Tilbury FC), John O’Mara (Lawford FC), Chris Noble (Referee), Paul Whitmore (Referee), Onur Gokdemir (Esprit FC, Essex Sunday Corinthian League, Ilford & District Leagues, West Essex Charity Cup), Steven Worpole (Referee), Patrick Carroll (Referee), Chris Lee (Referee), Brian Waller (Colchester Town Girls & Ladies FC)

2017: Barry Tolhurst (Referee), Andrew Snell (Referee and Referee Tutor), Peter Harris (Southend & District Junior League), Colin Smith (Referee), Harry Paffett (Referee), Adrian Amey (Referee and Harlow Referees Association), Steve Gleeson (Referee Instructor, Referee Assessor, Harlow Referees Association and Essex Referees Association), Ian Marshall (Ridgeway Rovers FC)

2018: John Ledger (Southend Sunday League), David Czyzewicz (Referee), Rob Whitton (Southend Sunday League), Janet Bushell (Trinity YFC), Alan Friend (Referee, Essex Olympian League), Dawn Barnard (Essex County Women’s League, Essex County Girls’ League), John Farrant (Referee, Basildon Referees Society, Basildon & District Sunday League), John Brooks (Hale End Athletic FC), Kim Farmer (Colchester Town Girls FC, Colchester Town Ladies FC, Essex County Girls’ League), David Hill (Southend Sunday League)

2019: Alan Dale Sharp (Referee), Andrew French (Referee), Anthony Keeble (Referee), Brian Freemantle (Referee), Christopher Baker (Referee), Christopher Townes (Referee), Colin Townsend (Referee), David Brignall (Referee), David Margetts (Referee), Geoff Holyland (Rochford Town Sports & Social FC), Geoffrey Cook (Referee), Guuy Pell-Ilderton (Referee), Ian Kettridge (Referee), James Pope (Referee), Jamie Garwood (Referee), Janet Leavett (Tollesbury FC), Johanna Withams (Referee), John Burdett (Referee), John Hayto (Referee), John Ilett (Maldon & Tiptree YFC), Kevin Preston (Referee), Lee Dorling (Referee), Maurice Cook (Referee), Paul Gallacher (Writtle FC), Peter Wilson (Referee), Roger Chilvers (Essex Sunday Football Combination), Stephen Margiotta (Northend FC), Stuart Battye (Referee), Stuart Boorman (Referee), Stuart Gillman (Referee), Sylvia Eve (Old Chelmsfordians FC), Thomas Cheek (Referee), Wendy Townsend (Referee)

2020: Peter Mickelsen (Beacon Hill Rovers FC), Steve Webber (Halstead Town), Kevin Lorkins (Hutton FC), Darren Andrews (Prittlewell FC), Graham Bellingham (Referee), Glenn Webb (Referee), Simon Thorosian (Leigh Town FC), Hazel Massarella (Essex Comets YFC), Paul Walters (Hale End Athletic FC), Michael Spooner (Tigers JFC), Barbara Spooner (Tigers JFC), Lisa Di Palma (Tigers JFC), Keith Di Palma (Tigers JFC), Brian Thomas Townsend (Referee)

2021: Geoffrey Brazier (Referee), David Ingle (Referee), Ernie Forsyth (Referee), Gary Jerden (Referee), Jackie Leno (Blackwater & Dengie Youth League), Jan Bushell (Trinity YFC), Jeff Stanley (Referee), Joseph Sansom (Referee), Marion Wakeling (Blackwater & Dengie Youth League), Martin Leno (Blackwater & Dengie Youth League), Michael Wood (Blackwater & Dengie Youth League), Ricky Johnson (Referee), Robert Duncombe (Referee), Ronnie Docherty (Earls Hall United), Trevor King (Referee), Mark Nicholls (Witham Town Youth)

2022: Adam Miller (Referee), Tony Armstrong (Harwich & Parkeston FC), June Brazier (Walthamstow FC), Steven Dowding (Hawkwell Athletic), Jacqueline Pavitt (Southend & District Junior Sunday Football League), Sheryl MacRae (SB&DFC, S&BSFL, Earls Hall United & Southend Charity Football Competition), Barry Hubbard (Bowers & Pitsea FC), Lee Stevens (Bowers & Pitsea FC), Terry Smith (West Bergholt FC), Anthony Warren (West Bergholt FC), Keith Berriman (Tolleshunt Knights Eagles), Steve Howe (Walthamstow FC), Tony Shaw (Harwich and Parkeston FC), Andrzej Perkins (Walthamstow FC)

long service certificate (10 years)

2000: Alan Green (Alresford Colne Rangers FC), Robert Walner (Colchester Sunday League)
2001: John Turner (Sunday Shrimpers FC)
2002: Ann Longman (Stanway Villa YFC), Geoff Ball (Colchester & District Youth League, R Errington (Essex Senior League), GP Kittle (Referee), H Sewell (Southend Sunday League), JA Sewell (Southend Sunday League), A Nunn (Debden Sports FC)

2003: Albert Catton (Southend & District Junior League), Terry Smith (Southend & District Junior League), Alan Wilkins (Southend & District Junior League), Barry Moulton (Referee), Steven Rubery (Referee), Leonard Maynard (Referee), A Hawkins (Newbridge Newham FC), Michael Rabey (Forest & District Sunday League), Mrs Bloomfield (Clacton & District Sunday League), R Little (Ockendon Motor Spares FC)

2007: Peter Andrew (Leytonstone United FC), Ian Carroll (Harwich & Parkeston YFC), John Coventry (Thurrock & District), Jon Day (Quendon Athletic FC), Albert Hodgson (Echo Junior League, Barking Colts YFC), Norman Lesurf (Marquis Sports FC), Stephen McChrystal (Ferns Juniors FC), Sue Skinner (Ascot United FC), John Smith (Harwich & Parkeston YFC), John Stanfield (Echo Junior League, Essex Minors (Hornchurch) FC), Susan Stanfield (Essex Minors (Hornchurch) FC), George Thorp (Potter Street FC)

2008: Dawn Barnard (Chelmsford City Ladies FC, Essex County Women’s and Girls’ Leagues), Brian Pudney (Bullers FC), Kevin Curran (Referee), Stephen Rubery (Referee), Dennis Stubbington (Horndon Vets FC)

2009: Les Fordham (Wheatleys FC, Southend Borough Combination Veterans League), Fred Thickbroom (Tag United FC, Southend Borough Combination Veterans League), Chris Avis (White Ensign FC, Rochford Sports & Social FC, Southend Borough Combination Veterans League), Richard Bareham (Harwich & Parkeston FC, Little Oakley FC), Stephen Stout (Referee), Tony Brooker (Blackgate Gunners FC, Southend & District Junior League, South-East Essex Mini-Soccer League, Southend Borough Combination)

2010: Melissa Thrift (Chelmsford & District Sunday Social League), Ian O’Sullivan (Spartak 78 YFC)

2012: John Thorpe (Busalona FC), Keith Rothon (Dagenham United FC), Roger Howes (Linford Wanderers FC)

2013: Paul Batt (Little Theatre Club FC, Southend Borough & District Football Combination),Graham Bellingham (Referee, Thurrock Association Sunday League), Brian Brazier (Ashingdon FC), Mike Burchett (Forest Glade YFC), Kim Farmer (Essex County Girls’ League), Stephen Furby (Belhus Park Athletic FC, Perry Street YFC, Referee), Ian Gandy (St Margaret’s FC), Mark Holmes (Leigh Ramblers YFC, South-East Essex Primary Mini-Soccer, Referee), Ian Jeffrey (BKS Sports FC, Southend Borough & District Football Combination), Craig Johnson (Aveley FC), Richard Joughin (Boreham FC), Antony Owen (Referee), Roy Ricks (Ashingdon FC), Linda Sheridan (Thames Sports FC, Lakeside FC), Paul Sisson (Parkside Swifts YFC, Leigh Rockets YFC, Referee, Southend Manor FC), Stuart Smith (Referee), Michael Standley (Referee), Stephen Stout (Referee), Brian Townsend (Referee, Thurrock Association Sunday League), Glenn Webb (Referee)

2014: Bill Mumford (St Clere’s FC), Carl Whay (Langley Colts YFC), Chris Morman (Tolleshunt Knights Eagles YFC), Chris Tidiman (Jacks Lads FC), Gary Howard (Stanford Wanderers YFC), Keith Berriman (Tolleshunt Knights Eagles YFC), Paul Draper (Baddow Spartak YFC), Vince Day (Little Thurrock Dynamos YFC)

2017: Aaron Hayden (Hatfield Peverel FC), Barbara Dawson (Southend Borough Combination Veterans League), Daniel Coyle (FC Clacton), Jan Walker (Silver End Ladies FC), Michael Watson (Southend Soccability FC), Michelle Smith (Walden Ladies FC), Mick Collins (Frinton & Walton YFC), Nick Crickmar (Royal Falcons FC), Paul Hever (Referee), Sheryl Macrae (Southend Sunday League and Southend Borough Combination Veterans League), Tony Medlock (Leytonstone United FC and Hornchurch Tigers FC)

2018: Mark Rule (Referee), Paul Brown (Wickford Town FC), David Beckett (Writtle Minors YFC), Darren Andrews (Prittlewell FC), Lee Stevens (Bowers & Pitsea FC), Barry Hubbard (Bowers & Pitsea FC), David Wareham (Springfield FC), John Meates (Springfield FC), Mick Lee (Durham FC, Basildon & District Sunday League), Alan Blanchett (Colchester & District Youth League), Greg Coe (Essex County Girls' League), Kevin Howard (Referee), Dean Roberts (Essex Royals FC)


2019: Adrian Arnot (Referee), Anthony Pope (Referee), Carl Pearse (Referee), Christopher Green (Referee), Craig Pullen (Referee), David Tregaskes (Referee), Dean Willsher (Referee), Elsie Hewitt (Colchester & District Sunday League), Errol Souter (Referee), Hazel Massarella (Essex Comets FC & Chelmsford Youth League), James Commins (Boadicea Dynamos FC, Reed Hall Sentinels FC & Colchester & District Youth League), James Whittaker Snr (Referee), Jerry Munson (Reed Hall Sentinels FC & Colchester & District Youth League), Jonathon Smith (Referee), Karl Dunnage (Referee), Martin Berry (Referee), Neil Livermore (Coryton Athletic FC, Referee, Romford & District League & Thurrock FC), Nicholas Kinseley (Referee), Patrick Shanahan (Referee), Paul Beales (Stanway Villa YFC), Raymond Parmenter (Referee), Rhys Battye (Referee), Richard Murphy (Kenson Athletic FC, O'Connors FC & Chelmer Wanderers FC), Robert Bradley (Referee), Robert Earll (Referee), Simon Govus (Beaulieu Park FC), Tracy Blanchett (Layer Colts YFC & Colchester & District Youth League)

2020: Howard Mackler (Leigh Ramblers Girls & Ladies FC), Lorraine Osman (Wivenhoe Town FC), Julian Baines (Referee), Michael Gray (White Roding Sports), Paul Stinger (Emerson United FC), Fiona Dorey (Essex County Womens League), Cheron Robinson (Essex County Womens League), Robin Naish (Tigers JFC), Gavin Wray (Tigers JFC), Steve Coulter (Jurgens Sports), Matt Smith (Palmers FC), Michael Standling (Jacks Lads FC), Jill Barnard (Essex County Womens League), Garry Cole (Maldon Saints YFC)

2021: Craig Sherrin (Buckhurst Hill FC), Terry Doherty (Brightlingsea Regent), Andrew Jenkins (Referee), Anthony Abbs (Referee), Christopher Smith (Harwich & Parkeston YFC), Clive Lodge (Wickford Town YFC), Daniel Foord (Bowers & Pitsea FC), Dean Markwick (Referee), Donald Glasson (Torquespeed Youth FC), Edward Davenport (Sungate FC), James Beal (Referee), John Tillet (Referee), John Tyson (Referee), Joseph Earll (Referee), Katie Dorling (Referee), Keith Mitchell (Referee), Larry Johnson (Wickford Town YFC), Mark Neller (Wickford Town YFC), Matthew Jarvis (Referee), Sharon Mills (Great Bradfords FC), Steve Buckley (Referee), Craig Barnett (Referee), Simon Brickwood (Referee), Sean Burnett (Referee), Ian Butler (Referee), Jeff Caley (Referee), Simon Caton(Referee), Robert Claussen (Referee), Stephen Everitt (Referee), Samual Everitt (Referee), Aaron Farmer (Referee), Kevin Hayhow (Referee), James Hill (Referee), Chris Horsman (Referee), Paul Kemp (Referee), Robert Ray (Referee), Keith Ross (Referee), Edward (Referee), Clifford Smy (Referee), Paul Sturton (Referee), Gordon Webb (Referee), Dean Welham (Referee), Jonathon Wing (Referee), Joe Wrigley (Referee), George Lowe (Referee)

2022: Chris Daines (Heybridge Swifts FC), Barry Edwards (Linford Wanderers), Robert Passmore (Ramsey & Mistley FC), Joseph Gray (Referee), Reece Morley (Referee), Emma Guest (Referee), Joe Burgess (Referee), Donna Nuth (Referee), Billy Taylor (Referee), David Feline (Referee), Ashley Butler (Referee), Charlie Duggins-Jones (Referee), Ola Omotosho (Referee), Hokming Cheung (Writtle Manor), Lisa Robins (Billericay Town Women), Clare Burrell (Billericay Town Colts, Billericay Town Girls, Billericay Town Women), Mark Bundock (Witham Town FC), Richard Longden (Referee), Ben Adams (Corinthians FC & SB&DFC), Aden Whatley (Hawkwell Athletic & Referee), Julia Marshall (Bowers & Pitsea FC & Isthmian Premier League), Darren Scorey (Bowers & Pitsea FC), Joe Corey Snr (Bowers & Pitsea FC), Michelle Dorling (Essex Senior League), Ben Kirkman (Tolleshunt Knights Eagles), Gary Telling (Referee & SB&DFC), Paul Kinggett (Frontiers Youth FC)

FA 50-Year Award

The FA 50-Year Award is open to anyone who has completed 50 years of administrative work in grassroots football, which could include as a manager, secretary, chairman, vice-chairman, fixture/referees secretary or any role on a league or club committee.

There is no deadline for applications, which are open all year round. Winners receive a letter from the FA Chairman, a copy of the application letter, a medallion and a lapel pin badge. These are usually presented at a function/game as recognition of the individual's hard work.

Nominations can be made via the County Office or by direct contact with Essex's FA Representative, who will then write the letter of application and submit it to the FA for approval. This needs to include the positions held and when the dates were held by the nominee.

Playing career is noted, but this may not be taken into account as its mainly for administration. Referees don't qualify for this award as the national Referees' Association have their own award, which can be applied for via the Essex Referees Association.

fa AND MCDONALD'S grassroots football awards 2021

Well Done to All These Grassroots Heroes!

Positive approaches to projects, refereeing and encouragement at matches were celebrated when the winners of the FA and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards for Essex were named, thanking ten winners for their coach, club and volunteer excellence.

Various Essex champions were congratulated for their dedicated service and ongoing work to make the local game a fun and enjoyable environment for all. For more than ten years, the awards have recognised and celebrated leagues, clubs, coaches, players, match officials and volunteers who go over and above when it comes to football in their local community.

As always, the task of selecting winners was very difficult, with over 130 nominations submitted from Essex, and the heroes in the following ten categories are:

Grassroots Coach of the Year (Adult Teams): Yasmin Hussain (Frenford FC and the Muslimah Sports Association)

Grassroots Coach of the Year (Youth Teams): Ambar Hussain (St Clere’s YFC)

Grounds Team of the Year: Stuart Blake and Ray Sherrin (Buckhurst Hill FC)

Highly Commended: Jim Robinson (Dagenham United FC)

Grassroots Club of the Year: Great Bradfords FC

Grassroots Volunteer of the Year: Donald Glasson (Torquespeed YFC)

Highly Commended: Sheryl MacRae (Southend Borough & District Football Combination)

Rising Star of the Year Award: Dan Marriage (Brandon Groves YFC)

Highly Commended: Georgia Lockerbie (Stanway Rovers Girls FC)

Spirit of Grassroots Football: Simon Johns (Sands United Essex FC [now FC Vilomah])

Highly Commended: Mark Gordon (FC Redwing)

Grassroots Project of the Year: Mates FC

Highly Commended: Sands United Essex FC (now FC Vilomah), Lancaster Lions FC, Every Man Matters FC

Grassroots Match Official of the Year: Liam Spreadbury (Blackwater & Dengie Youth League and Essex & Suffolk Border League)

Highly Commended: Daniel Mann

Grassroots League of the Year: Southend Borough & District Football Combination

These awards go to show just how much dedication there is from grassroots football volunteers in our county. It was so pleasing to achieve such a high number of nominations. Our appreciation goes to the panel who helped to select Essex's winners, which was a very difficult task, and say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination.

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