Report a Concern

Silent Support Weekend

If you believe a child is in immediate danger, do not hesitate, call the police on 999 straight away

Policies and procedures

Grassroots football have clear policies and procedures in place to protect U18s.  If you are worried or concerned about a child or young person, you can speak to Essex County FA or other agencies.  We appreciate that you may feel anxious or unsure in contacting an organisation.  Please be reassured that government legislation is in place to support reports of safeguarding concerns. 

Reporting a concern

Are you a child or young person and are worried or concerned about something?  Do you think something is not right in how you are being treated?  We get that its hard and you can be scared or unsure of what to do.  There are people in football and outside of the game here to help and listen.  Some people you can talk to are your Club Welfare Officer, Essex County FA, NPSCC and Childline.

Please reach out to the contacts below and follow the links to organisations that can help:

Useful contacts

You can contact Essex County FA on: 

Your Club Welfare Officer (CWO) can help deal with any of your concerns or queries. Their contact details should be regularly available within your club. 

Childline can be contacted on:

The NSPCC can be contacted on safeguarding issues on:

The Essex Safeguarding Children Board can be contacted via:

You can contact your parent/carer on matters that may be worrying you, or with concerns on how you're being treated

The FA can be contacted on:

Think You Know have all their information on: