Essex CORE

Centre of Refereeing Excellence

developing ambitious referees with potential

Assistance with Coaching and Progression

Essex Centre of Refereeing Excellence (CORE) is a programme to assist in the development and coaching of referees who have the ambition and potential to progress into refereeing in the semi-professional and professional game.

The programme is designed to deliver specific and relevant training to ambitious, dedicated and talented referees. Below is the current structure of Essex CORE:

* Tier One (Lite): primarily Level 7 referees aged between 16-24 not on the promotion scheme
* Tier Two (Ambitious): Level 7-5 referees on the promotion scheme
* Tier Three (Select): referees who are currently a Level 3 or 4 who have been identified as potentially progressing higher up within the refereeing ladder

The sessions designed for these three tiers are aimed at improving not only the fitness levels of the referees but also include specific referee technical sessions delivered by those operating within the semi-professional and professional game, with additional support around sports psychology, sports nutrition and strength & conditioning.

Working alongside the three tiers above, we also have the Female Referee Development Programme (in partnership with the Kent County FA), which supports the development of all female referees within Essex and Kent.

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We have high expectations of all the referees within the programme. These are to be met by all of the Essex CORE members and will be monitored throughout the duration of the season. These expectations include:

* attendance at all sessions
* exceptional administration
* submission of upcoming fixtures to their Essex CORE Coach
* forward all observations to their Essex CORE Coach
* complete self-assessment forms after each fixture and submit to their Essex CORE Coach for review
* maintain regular contact with the Referees Department and their Essex CORE Coach
* show continual progression within their refereeing career whilst being part of Essex CORE

Throughout the season, our Referees Department monitor the development of all referees through a number of different aspects (referee bandings, observations, league referee club marks etc.) and, at the start of each season, referees will be invited into Essex CORE. For further information please get in touch with our Referees Department.

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