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Anyone over the age of 14 complete the course, but the game doesn't just need young referees - plenty of players who are in the twilight of their football years have also enrolled on one of our courses to continue their involvement in the game... it’s never too late!
If you're interested in any form of the Referees Course, you should register your interest with us. We advise you not to take the course if it is purely to obtain a certificate for your studies as we offer other courses which will provide suitable certification for your school/college education.

we'll keep you up-to-date

locally-based courses

All of our courses are arranged in-line with demand for a course from football in that area, and the location of the potential candidates. Please initially complete the Referee Interest Form then we will keep you fully up-to-date with details of appropriate forthcoming courses.
In addition, we will invite you along to a 'Get into Refereeing' evening, which will offer a further insight into the courses we offer as well outlining the benefits and commitments of refereeing, leaving you best placed to proceed with registering on the correct course.

your choice of football format

chances to progress

It is entirely up to you which type of football you officiate on. Once qualified, it's also your choice how far you'd like to progress, be it at a local Saturday or Sunday league standard or through the levels into the semi-professional and professional game.

You must just bear in mind that, if you don't referee a minimum of six matches following completion of the course, you won't be a fully qualified referee. It's compulsory to referee six matches of 11v11 football (or 9v9 football including the offside law). Keep in touch with us and we'll guide you all the way.