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Following the release of The FA’s guidance on permitted grassroots football activities on Monday 1st June, Bluefin Insurance wanted to confirm the position with regard to insurance under the National Game Insurance Scheme (NGIS) for clubs/teams wishing to resume their footballing activities.

When The FA suspended all grassroots football in March, the personal accident and legal liability insurances provided via the NGIS for the 2019/20 season remained in force, and hence, these insurances are still operative for any clubs/teams who now wish to resume club/team organised footballing activities, in adherence with The FA’s guidelines and Government protocols.

Personal Accident Insurance

The 2019/20 period of insurance expires on 30th June 2020, but clubs can now renew/purchase their personal accident insurance for the 2020/21 season. Renewal invitations have been sent to all clubs who purchased personal accident insurance via the NGIS last season. In the event that a club purchases a personal accident policy after 1st July 2020, a pro-rata premium will automatically be calculated, based on the period of insurance up to 30th June 2021.

Legal Liability Insurance

The 2019/20 period of insurance, in respect of the liability insurance provided via the NGIS, also expires on 30th June 2020, and Bluefin have confirmed that the liability insurance will continue, with effect from 1st July 2020, for all clubs, even if it is not possible for all clubs to complete their affiliation by 1st July 2020. This ensures clubs will continue to be protected in the event of a liability claim, and there are no gaps in cover. Again, the liability insurance will be subject to adherence to The FA’s guidelines and Government protocols.

Both insurances are also subject to the standard policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Bluefin have provided further guidance to assist clubs via a PDF which you can view below or download here.

NGIS & Covid-19 - Returning to Football Guidance

NGIS & Covid-19 - Returning to Football Guidance

subsidies for essex grassroots clubs

protecting our players

For season 2020/21, all clubs are required to purchase Personal Accident Insurance as a condition of their affiliation with us, plus Public Liability Insurance.

We will be providing 100% of the cost of public liability insurance for all eligible clubs and leagues in Essex. In addition to this, we will be providing 50% of the cost of the minimum level of personal accident cover required for affiliation for all teams.
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grassroots tailored

Bluefin Sport can provide clubs, teams, leagues and match officials with robust and competitive insurance products, specifically tailored to the needs of grassroots football.

Bluefin Sport are The FA’s appointed broker to deliver the National Game Insurance Scheme (NGIS), and also our appointed broker. We urge you to consider your purchase of insurance cover through the NGIS.
Further information

Cover is available for adult and youth teams which protects players, committee members, managers, trainers and assistant referees/officials in the event of an accident arising from football activities. Benefits include: 

* accidental death 
* life cover 
* permanent total disablement 
* loss of sight, limbs, speech, hearing 
* hospitalisation 
* dental expenses 
* weekly benefits for time off work 
* broken bone benefits 

For adult eleven-a-side teams, personal accident insurance is required which matches the Bluefin ‘Intermediate’ level of cover. Each youth team is also now required to purchase Personal Accident Insurance. We have set the equivalent of Bluefin’s ‘Superior Gold’ level as a minimum requirement for Personal Accident Insurance for youth teams. Any insurance which is purchased through Bluefin directly will receive half the ‘Superior Gold’ premium automatically subsidised by us. 

We would recommend that you look at the range of benefits on offer as you may wish to upgrade your team’s cover. Bluefin Sport’s instalment facility can help you to spread the cost of your personal accident insurance. This does not stop clubs from seeking other insurance policies, although they will not receive the subsidised rate should they do so. 

How do I purchase cover for my teams?

Clubs can purchase cover through the National Game Insurance Scheme via Alternatively, you can apply by post, by completing the application form which you will find at the back of the Group Personal Accident brochure. The completed application form should be returned to Bluefin Sport together with a cheque made payable to ‘Bluefin Insurance Services’. Please note, if you make a postal application, a £5 administration fee is payable on top of the premium. 

Once you have purchased cover, you will be able to download your policy documents. You should save the PDF attachment to your computer. You will also receive an E-Mail attaching your policy documents. Included within the policy documents pack is a poster which can be displayed at your club’s premises so players are aware of the cover in force.

Season 2020/21

As the 2019/20 season was concluded early, meaning Personal Accident cover was not in place for a portion of the season, Bluefin Sport will be offering a discount on all 2020/21 Personal Accident insurance policies. In addition to this, the Essex County FA will be providing 50% of the cost of the minimum level of personal accident cover required for affiliation for all teams. Brochures detailing the enhancements and amendments to cover are being developed by Bluefin, and will be made available in due course. An overview of the additional covers available can be found at

The ‘Countycover’ scheme is available to affiliated clubs, leagues and match officials affiliated to the Essex County FA. Cover is arranged by the association as a group policy, so premiums are more affordable. 

This allows you to purchase the cover at a much cheaper premium, whilst you also benefit from the wider cover of a policy which has been designed specifically with grassroots football in mind (please note that, for 2020/21, we have agreed to cover the cost of Bluefin ‘Countycover’ on behalf of all of our member clubs who require it). There are four elements of cover in this one unique package. 

* Public Liability - £10,000,000 
* Employers Liability - £10,000,000 
* Officers and Committee Liability - £5,000,000 
* Professional Indemnity - £10,000,000 

Countycover does not cover player-to-player incidents. However, the cover does automatically include player-to-player legal defence costs only of up to £100,000 (it does not cover any award that may be given).


* Cover is not provided for the operation of licensed premises. This element of cover is usually provided under a commercial combined insurance policy or, alternatively, Bluefin Sport can provide a separate quotation. 

How do I purchase cover?

Cover is included in your 2020/21 affiliation to the Essex County FA. The system will record your purchase, and the Essex County FA will send your ‘Evidence of Cover’ to you once payment has been received and your application has been accepted.

Season 2020/21

Please note the existing 2019/20 Public Liability Insurance extends until 30th June. The cost of the 2020/21 season product has increased by £1 to £25. However, the Essex County FA will be providing 100% of the cost of County Cover for all eligible clubs and leagues in Essex. Bluefin Sport also provide an offer of “County Cover Plus” at a total cost of £54, which includes a player-to-player awards cover. County Cover Plus can be purchased at affiliation but the additional cost of the cover will need to be covered by the purchasing organisation.

who should i contact?

bluefin sport

If you have any questions regarding the insurance, please contact Bluefin Sport: 
Telephone: (0845) 872 5060