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Veo Partnership Brings Range of Grassroots Benefits

Essex Football Clubs Can Access Exclusive Discounts

Thinking ahead towards the video coverage of your club or team for next season? We're able to pass on exclusive discounts on sports recording solutions and related services through official partner, Veo.

Veo has linked-up with the Essex County FA to form a forward-thinking partnership throughout 2024 and 2025 which brings a range of benefits to local grassroots football. An element of the partnership enables the County FA to facilitate exclusive discounts on cameras for affiliated clubs, meaning enhanced coverage of local matches on YouTube channels and social media feeds.

Whilst also working collaboratively with the us to provide online coaching content, Veo recognises advanced technology in the world of football is unfairly distributed, and the mission is to change that. Veo challenges the idea that sports technology is only for the elite. Hence, aiming to make it accessible to all, to help every player and team take their game, and their sport, up a level. Veo believes in the power of technology to amplify football’s positive global impact.

Technology has the power to make players better players, and coaches better coaches. Veo cameras can automatically record football using a state-of-the-art analysis platform, all powered by AI. Veo also provides the opportunity for clubs, teams and players to live stream games at the touch of a button. This allows friends, family and fans to experience the greatest moments when they happen and when it matters… in real time!

Off the pitch, Veo makes it simple for coaches and players to analyse their game, and easy for fans of grassroots football to stream and share every moment. Anytime, anywhere. Coaches are busy people. With Veo, they can dedicate their time on the pitch to coaching, not filming.

Essex County FA Communications & Partnerships Manager, Chris Evans, is excited with the possibilities this link-up with Veo will bring, explaining: “As well as making video coverage and analysis more accessible to our member clubs, it has the potential to share local grassroots matches with a new, wider audience.”

“It’s our aim that this engaging social media content helps us to achieve many of our #MovingForward Strategy targets. We’re looking forward to capturing and highlighting more of those golden goals which, too often, go unseen by anyone not at the game.”

Find out more about how to access Veo camera discounts by following this link. You can also interact with @EssexCountyFA and @veotechnologies on Twitter/X and search for ‘EssexFootball’ on Facebook.

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