Man v Fat in Essex

MAN v FAT Weight Loss Football Programme

An additional club is being added in 2024, joining the six already active clubs across Essex

MAN v FAT is a football league exclusively for men with a BMI of 27.50 and over who want to lose weight. There are currently six clubs operating across Essex, with one more planned for 2024.

MAN v FAT is the UK’s leading, men-only weight loss company, and they already have a number of successful clubs locally. There are six clubs that operate across Essex, with a further club planned to launch next year in 2024

The project was founded by writer, editor and publisher Andrew Shanahan in 2014. Having struggled with his weight for a long time, he joined his local slimming club. But it was aimed squarely at women and he struggled. This motivated him to research how many other men were experiencing difficulty with weight loss, and he crowdfunded the initial run of a MAN v FAT digital magazine.

The target was surpassed, receiving support from Jamie Oliver, the National Obesity Forum, Weight Concern and the British Dietetic Association. Along with the magazine, a website and forum were then launched, plus a book was written and published in 2014. The MAN v FAT philosophy is:

  • Quality, enjoyable advice, information, tools and facts about weight loss
  • A friendly, welcoming community where you know other men are cheering you on
  • Weight loss advice and schemes which will fit in with your life

In 2016, MAN v FAT created a football league exclusively for overweight men who wanted to lose weight. Uniquely, players were rewarded not just for winning games but for losing weight, too, with weekly weight loss counting towards their team’s goals. Since then, the programme has gone from strength to strength, with clubs operating across the country.

Dan Church, MAN v FAT Regional Manager for the South, is grateful to the clubs operating across Essex. “We’re delighted to have six clubs currently providing MAN v FAT Football in Essex and are excited to grow the programme in 2024. The opportunities it provides are brilliant and to see everyone enjoying their football with a common goal is fantastic.”

Karl Sear, Essex FA Football Development Manager, is pleased to see the programme continuing in Essex. “We’re delighted that the MAN v FAT Football Programme continues throughout Essex. The clubs provide a safe and enjoyable environment and provide positive lifestyle choices to men who want to lose weight.”

You can find the local Essex leagues below.

MAN V FAT Clubs in Essex

Launching in 2024

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