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Register your interest in establishing a Weetabix Wildcats Centre

Register your interest in a FA Weetabix Wildcats Centre and build a foundation for girls football at your club

You can register your interest in establishing a FA Weetabix Wildcats Centre, helping to build a foundation for girls football at your club.

With the Lionesses creating history this summer, the uptake of young girls in football has seen a huge increase and we want to continue to assist to build upon their legacy. There are opportunities to establish a FA Weetabix Wildcats Centre at your club, helping to create a long-term foundation for participation from girls in football within your club. The FA’s aim is for there to be a Wildcats Centre within 15 minutes from every primary school, with the aspiration being that girls football is accessible and within a realistic distance for all.

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The focus of a Weetabix Wildcats Centre is on fun, friends, and fitness, with an emphasis on sessions that are full of smiles. The centres are also eligible to numerous benefits, including funding worth £600 in the first year and £300 in the second, an equipment pack, banner and access to the FA Weetabix Wildcats branding and assets.

Aside from the tangible benefits of establishing a Wildcats Centre, the long-term gains include the creation of a community focused programme that can build a foundation and significantly contribute to growth within the girls’ sections of your club.

If you’re interested in opening a Weetabix Wildcats Centre, then please register your interest by clicking the button below and filling in the form.

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