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Supporting Players Through Their Periods

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 Essex FA are excited to announce the upcoming webinar: Supporting Players Through Their Periods

We aim to support everyone in football (players, coaches, club officials or parents/carers) to start the conversation and understand the menstrual cycle/periods.

Our first free online interactive webinar will take place on Thursday 9th February 7:30-9:00pm. This will be led by the team at Irise and Dr Sarah Zipp from Power to Play. This session will explore: 

  • Barriers periods can pose to young people taking part in sport and how to overcome them
  • Understanding the menstrual cycle and how it can impact performance and training
  • How to support players through the menstrual cycle

Have you thought about how periods are affecting players at your club?

“64% of girls have left sport by the time they finish puberty” - The Always Confidence & Puberty Wave IV Study

“39% of girls say that their periods stop them from doing PE at school and 24% say their periods stop them from taking part in sport outside of school” - Betty for Schools 2017

Who are Irise? 

Irise is a Sheffield based charity working to end period poverty, inequality and shame, by supporting communities to take action to build a world where having a female body is not a disadvantage. 

How can I access more support? 

The team at Irise are available to provide advice on creating a period friendly environment for any clubs who are interested. Feel free to contact them on and they'll do what they can to help. 

 To sign up to the upcoming webinar, click the button below!

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