Easyfundraising Update

Easyfundraising Can Boost Club Funds in 2021

Your New Year Fundraising Plan Made Simpler

Fundraising was tough in 2020, so here’s one simple thing you can do to make it easier in 2021 - ensure your club is registered with easyfundraising!

By using the easyfundraising website or app to shop, supporters raise a free donation based on how much they spend. This one, simple action will allow your club to benefit from a stream of regular donations when members or supporters shop online with popular retailers like Amazon, eBay, Argos, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.

During these changing times, easyfundraising offers a consistent, fundraising opportunity. And, because it’s all online, it means everyone can raise money easily and safely from home. It won’t cost supporters anything extra either because the retailers pay the donation, not the shopper.

Members and supporters can generate vital funds, and their shopping won’t cost them a penny more when they buy through the website or app. They can raise money on all the things they’d be buying anyway - it’s free money for clubs! 73% of UK shoppers say they plan to buy primarily online this year, so there’s never been a better time to register a club with easyfundraising.

Over 4,300 retailers will donate, ranging from everyday names to travel sites including Trainline, Booking.com and Tui, and even takeaway and grocery retailers like Just Eat, Dominos, Uber Eats, Iceland and Waitrose. Clubs can get started in three easy steps:

* Sign-Up: register your club with easyfundraising for free
* Shop: ask members/supporters to use the website or app every time they shop online
* Raise: whenever they buy something, the retailer sends the club a free donation

Follow this link to sign-up your club! Get started by creating a free account for your club and use their ready-written words and images to ask members/supporters to help your club.

Your Three-Step 2021 Fundraising Plan

There are three, easy things you can do right now to make sure your club raises as much as possible in 2021:

1. Spread the Word: easyfundraising is a very simple way to raise money but you won’t raise much if members don’t know about it! Use the free tools easyfundraising provide to let them know, including ready-written social posts and E-Mails, downloadable flyers and posters, website banners, hand-out cards and even a PowerPoint presentation to explain how it works.

Get your free tools by clicking here.

2. Get the Donation Reminder: This makes sure members never miss a donation by alerting them when they visit a retailer who will donate. It’s safe and completely free and shoppers who have it installed on their computer raise up to five times more. easyfundraising provides wording to help you explain how it works and ask supporters to download it.

Get your wording here (and don’t forget to download the reminder yourself!).

3. Thank and Encourage: Thanking members for donations they raise encourages them to keep on using easyfundraising because they can see it works! Use the ‘Supporter Communications’ feature to set-up automated messages to thank members when they sign-up, raise a donation or raise their first £5. You can also message those who’ve stopped raising to ask them to keep going.

Set-up your Supporter Communications by following this link.

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