Grounds Management Toolkit

Pitch Preparation Support for Grassroots Ground Staff

Grounds Management Association Present Online Resources

With the wet and wintry weather starting to become more apparent each week, attentions are turning towards the Grounds Management Association’s (GMA) training resource on their website which will support volunteers who maintain sports pitches.

Ground staff looking to prepare the best possible playing surface for their players this season can find written content, short videos and easy-to-digest seasonal guides within the GMA’s ‘Grounds Management Toolkit’, which is helping staff and the general public to understand how to look after pitches for players across the community. The toolkit is fully backed by Sport England.

By relaunching the website, the GMA aim to continue increasing the skills and capabilities of practicing, and future, grounds volunteers, engage them further with common practices involved in grounds maintenance. The toolkit follows the launch of GMA Level 1 and Level 2 online courses, with modules covering the basic grounds maintenance tasks required at grassroots level.

Jason Booth of the Grounds Management Association said: “We know that volunteers can sometimes only offer a few hours of their time each week, or that some local clubs struggle to find regular grounds volunteers. Without pitches, there is no sport.”

The ‘Grounds Management Toolkit’, funded by Sport England and Other Media, can be accessed for free via this link. To upskill your knowledge through GMA training courses, or for more information on bespoke training sessions, visit the GMA's website or E-Mail

Grounds Management Toolkit

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