Matchday App Update

Matchday App Can Automate Grassroots Football Life

Quicker and Simpler Admin for Players, Parents and Managers

Football coaches can now organise fixtures, submit match returns and keep on top of squad selections using the Matchday app, while players can also make themselves available, keep track of when they’ve been picked and follow their season’s progress.

Players, parents and managers have full control of their football admin all in one place thanks to the official grassroots mobile app, which contains unique functionality. Matchday is considerably decreasing the effort required to manage an affiliated team.

There’s no more need for cash as monthly or annual payments can be set-up with PayPal, as well as ‘pay as you play’ options. Available on iOS (Apple) and Android smart phones, Matchday and PayPal can be used to make and manage match fee payments.

Plus, there’s no need to enter squad details as these are automatically added from The FA’s Whole Game System. It’s quick and easy to do. Fixtures don’t need to be entered either - these are routinely added from The FA’s Full-Time service.

There’s no requirement to check suspensions - the app shows who’s eligible to play. There is also no need to use Full-Time to enter match results, which can be submitted via the app at the tap of a button. A club is ‘Matchday ready’ if they answer yes to each of these questions:

* Does your league register their players in the FA Whole Game System?
* Does your team have a manager or coach assigned to them in the Whole Game System?
* Do The FA have an E-Mail address for you already?

Learn more at by following this link. Information on grassroots Essex football can also be found in the menus above, by following @EssexCountyFA on Twitter and by searching for ‘EssexFootball’ on Facebook.

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