Covid-19 Guidance for Small Group Training

Covid-19 Guidance: Small Group Training

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Following The FA’s recent announcement regarding the ability for small group training to commence, there has understandably been a desire from a number of clubs and individuals to re-commence sessions, in line with The FA’s guidance.

As a County FA, we understand this eagerness as we recognise this is seen as the first cautious and positive step towards the return of the grassroots game. At the same time, we have also received a number of queries and questions regarding this announcement as clubs and individuals, like ourselves, are considering how guidance can be implemented within clubs.

This due diligence is essential as Sport England themselves have stated that they encourage all organisations with a role in this to take time to look at how they can operate effectively and safely within the six-person limit, while strictly adhering to public health guidance around hygiene and social distancing.

We would urge all clubs to give this appropriate consideration whilst stressing that the decision to re-commence with these small group training sessions is one for clubs and organisations to take and, if clubs/organisations feel the risk is too great, or it is too soon to commence with these sessions, then that is fine and understandable.

For those clubs/organisations who feel they are in a position to recommence, steps should be taken to strictly adhere to the FA guidance, giving due consideration for the operational implementation of the guidance based on the club’s individual circumstances (e.g. own ground, public park etc) to ensure a safe environment is created for all involved.

The FA are currently working on further detailed guidance to assist in this process and we will continue to communicate and share this with you as this is released. In the interim period, as well as the FA guidance, we have also reviewed Sport England and Government advice and would ask that clubs also consider the following areas:

* Insurance
* Risk Assessments
* General Health and Hygiene Considerations
* Facility Considerations
* Communications
* Safeguarding
* Travel Considerations
* Practical Coaching Considerations

Specific details on the points above, plus full Covid-19 information and guidance from the Essex County FA, can be found on a dedicated web page here, by following @EssexCountyFA on Twitter and by searching for ‘EssexFootball’ on Facebook.

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