Bulk E-Mail Data Capture Tool

Time-Saving FA Whole Game System Feature Launched

New ‘E-Mail Capture’ Tool Reduces Volunteer Time Required

The FA have launched a new ‘E-Mail Capture’ tool which allows clubs to safely upload parental E-Mails to multiple players within the online FA Whole Game System, drastically cutting down the time required of grassroots football volunteers.

Previously The FA were aware that the player registration process, with a linked parental record and E-Mail, had been very time-consuming. Now managers and secretaries are welcoming the quicker admin process, while the system also speeds-up player contacts, qualifications, discipline records and much more.

The new feature can be found in the left-hand menu after a user has logged into the portal and clicked on their club tab at the top of the screen. Off-pitch football activities are currently becoming faster and more efficient, with players and parents also benefiting from the system which is being using to prepare for the eventual arrival of the 2020/21 season.

Volunteers can access their team’s data all in one place, making club admin and the monitoring of player availability a simpler task. With the FA Whole Game System, clubs can save time and money. It’s completely free of charge to use and provides access to special offers, plus other exciting opportunities, such as:

* all club data in one safe place, including affiliation, discipline, players, club officials, safeguarding and more
* easily accessible information on clubs and players, to make club matchday admin quicker and easier
* integrated with FA Full-Time and the Matchday app
* can use PayPal to reduce costs and enable cashless matchdays for managers, players or parents of Under 16s footballers
* tailored offers from FA partners (via an opt-in)
* it’s completely free of charge

Video support for how E-Mail Capture works for Under 16s, as well as further written guidance on each section, can be found via this link. Information on grassroots Essex football is also shared by @EssexCountyFA on Twitter and by searching for 'EssexFootball' on Facebook.

Bulk E-Mail Data Capture Tool

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