Independent Board Member Vacancy

Football Enthusiast Needed to “Make a Difference”

We Require Independent Board Member

Would you like to make a real difference and have a positive impact on the future of local grassroots football? We're looking for a skilled individual to join our Board of Directors and share their knowledge and experience for the good of the game.

Essex is one of the largest County FAs in the country, with more than 4,200 local teams playing football, and the hunt is on for life-long football enthusiasts, players, volunteers, coaches and corporate professionals looking to volunteer their expertise in a voluntary capacity as an Independent Board Member. Applications are required by Monday 23rd July.

The Essex County FA ‘Moving Forward’ and FA National Game Strategies for 2018-2021 outline a direction to create a united grassroots football environment which delivers football opportunity for all. One of those strategic objectives is to ensure their corporate governance structure is operating effectively and efficiently.

We are committed to creating a Board of diverse skills, experience and backgrounds who can add value to the game, so an open application process is being run to attract and recruit the best person for the role. Chief Executive, Brendan Walshe, explains: “This is an exciting opportunity to review how a wider diversity of people and skills could be brought onto the Board.”

“We require strong candidates to come forward and make a real and lasting difference to the local game. We’re always looking to ensure we have the correct diversity of individuals and skills across the Board so we’re reflective of the community in Essex, and have a skill set so the Essex County FA can continue to improve in the years ahead.”

“There are lots of skilled individuals within the football community from all sectors of industry such as business, financial, professional, commercial, corporate, HR and political backgrounds. In previous years, they haven’t had the opportunity to offer those skill sets at a strategic Board level to help the Essex County FA to support the game of football in Essex.”

“We also need to meet the evolving needs of the business. This process will enable those people who have a passion for football, and have high-level expertise gained from professional or voluntary roles, to apply directly to serve on the Board of the Essex County FA.”

Details of the skills and experience required, as well our organisational values and the application process, can be found below. Applications are required by 10:00am on Monday 23rd July. Grassroots football news can also be found on Twitter @EssexCountyFA and by searching for ‘EssexFootball’ on Facebook.

application details

Apply Before 10:00am on Monday 23rd July

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