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Update Service Simplifies CRC Renewal

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As part of our safeguarding children strategy, those working in eligible roles with children and young people in grassroots football must pass a Criminal Record Check (CRC), so we're promoting an ‘Update Service’ to make renewals simpler.

In-line with legislation and Government guidance, this standard practice means specific club officials require a CRC, including Coaches/Managers and Assistants, Club Welfare Officers, First Aiders, Physiotherapists and Minibus Drivers. For individuals who have already completed a CRC before, there is an Update Service which allows them to register and update it automatically.

We, along with The FA, provide a framework and guidance for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks in football. Leagues and clubs then have to implement this to ensure these checks are done. Most checks are processed electronically, ensuring people can be confirmed to work with children and young people swiftly, where appropriate.

The Update Service means an applicant can register with the DBS and then send a Consent Form to GBG (the company who process all FA CRCs), allowing them to request an updated CRC. This ensures the process of obtaining a CRC is easier for volunteers.

How the Update Service Works

By completing a Consent Form (available below), an applicant is granting The FA (or its nominated agent) to carry out a status check with the DBS Update Service annually, commencing on the first anniversary of the issue of the disclosure, or at any interval deemed appropriate.

Applicants have up to 30 days to register with the Update Service (from the date of issue of the check). If the applicant uses the Update Service, the check must be renewed yearly through GBG, who will then be able to contact the DBS to renew the check.

If ‘automatic renewal’ is chosen from the outset, registering with the DBS every year isn’t necessary. This automated system will allow the majority of individuals to renew without having to generate a new form and have it verified.


‘Portability’ is when an organisation accepts a CRC from another organisation. The applicant should be registered with the Update Service and the ‘new’ organisation will need to verify the application before it can be ‘ported’ into the new organisation.

The fee payable for a CRC is dependent on what type of organisation conducted the original check, and whether the role is voluntary or paid. For example, a volunteer coach completing an FA CRC would pay a £10 one-time fee, whereas a school teacher (non-FA CRC) wishing to ‘port check’ into a volunteer role (FA CRC) in football, would pay £20.

A Consent Form and guidance notes can be found below. Find out more on the DBS Update Service website at, around halfway down.

further information

Guidance Notes and Consent Form

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