Local Football Facility Plans

Local Facility Plans

Planning for the Future


Every Local Authority in England

In 2018, The FA commissioned Sports Consultant, Kavanagh Knight Page, to develop Local Football Facility Plans for every local authority in England.

The purpose of the document was to identify a strategic, ten-year priority plan for facility investment bespoke to each respective local authority and the grassroots football which takes place within it.

As the nation’s most popular team sport, football has the power to contribute positively to vital social outcomes and health priorities. To maximise this power, facilities must be welcoming environments to attract first-time users and repeat visits, whether for informal, recreational or affiliated football.

Research clearly and continually demonstrates that selecting the right location of high-quality football facilities can have a positive impact on participation and enjoyment. It acknowledges that, in many areas, the number and/or quality of facilities does not exist to support this positive impact.

The Football Association, Premier League and Government (via Sport England), all funding partners of the Football Foundation, are committed to making a major investment in local football facilities over the next ten years. To inform and direct this investment, a Local Football Facility Plan (LFFP) for each local authority has been produced. These plans aim to:

* create a network of 3G Artificial Turf Pitches
* improve grass pitches
* develop and improve changing rooms and pavilions
* develop small-sided football facilities, particularly for informal football

Each LFFP within Essex has been produced in collaboration with local stakeholders (in 2018), who provided crucial local knowledge and input towards football provision and the demand for specific facility developments. The link to search for your respective Local Authorities plan can be found here.

Whilst the LFFP’s are not a guarantee of funding or successful applications, the plans will be used to ensure the highest priority areas are targeted in order to deliver the identified projects when investment is available.

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We expect 90% of Football Foundation funding will be used to deliver projects highlighted in these plans. Each project must still follow an application process to show how it will deliver key participation outcomes, become a quality and sustainable facility and demonstrate suitable match funding.

It’s also important to highlight that these plans will be reviewed and will advance over the ten-year period. We fully appreciate that, as grassroots football evolves, as will the need for facilities. If you’d like to discuss the Local Football Facility Plan for your area, please get in touch with our County Development Manager, Nick Emery, via nick.emery@essexfa.com or (01245) 393077.