Recruitment, Retention and Recognition


Unpaid Grassroots Essex Heroes

Without volunteers, grassroots football simply wouldn’t exist. From managers and coaches to club officials, a club is made up of many crucial constituent parts who come together to make it a success, and it’s our task to support these grassroots heroes to ensure everyone has a part to play in the overall success of the sport we love.

Secretaries, chairpersons, treasurers and welfare officers. Matchdays wouldn’t be as safe, enjoyable and efficient without unpaid grassroots heroes such as the first aider, the kit manager and the grounds team. For larger clubs, there may also be an officer responsible for publicity, fundraising and community relations.

Volunteers donate their time and expertise for the benefit of others, so it’s vital we make football an inclusive environment for new individuals to come forward, whilst also providing our existing workforce with everything they need to operate effectively.

In this section, coming soon we will share guidance around creating a great volunteer experience at your club, league or project, including your understanding of the ethos around your volunteering culture. We will share effective tools to support recruitment, retention and how to recognise volunteers from a local, county and national prospective.