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Become England Football Accredited

new framework for leagues and clubs

Opportunity to Recognise Those Who Raise the Bar

England Football Accredited is the new framework for league and club accreditation, and it replaces the FA Charter Standard.

It is an opportunity for The FA and County FAs to recognise all leagues and clubs who raise the bar and set the tempo for football to thrive in England.

It enables us to work with our league network to offer modern competitions which meet the needs of today’s game, while simultaneously creating maximum opportunities for everyone who enjoys the game to participate. Regardless of background, ability, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or age, we unite everyone and strive to give the very best of ourselves.

Those clubs and leagues who were accredited within the 2020/21 season as FA Charter Standard have automatically been transitioned onto the new England Football framework. Within this, we recognise clubs who provide one or more of the accredited player pathways for male, female or disability players.

The star which a club achieves, and is then recognised for, demonstrates that they have football teams within their setup which support the three accredited player pathways. It helps us to align the relevant support and services you need to become the best version of your club.

Below you will find an episode of England Football's ‘In The Box’ Extra Time webinar, hosted by Charlotte Richardson, The FA’s Tom Lee, Mick Baikie and Nathan Batchelor. They discuss the impact and benefits of the new England Football Accreditation: