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Developing and Governing

Football clubs are centres of activity where individuals unite as a team to cooperate towards a common goal. Bring clubs together to compete in leagues and you’re part of an even wider community. To preserve this, we develop and govern football for clubs to increase and maintain participation for players which is safe and enjoyable for all.

It’s important to stay fit and active for our general health and wellbeing in both mind and body, so to do that with your friends and family is a very rewarding experience. Football can be a positive social event, and the highlight of your week. It builds new relationships, enhances energy levels and gives individuals the chance to play out their dreams!

To attract new clubs we provide support with coach education and assist with finding a pitch to play or train on. We also offer our experience and guidance with Football Foundation ‘Grow the Game’ applications, which provide cash to help cover the costs of setting-up new teams. We can help form club structures and supply information on local leagues.

Existing clubs also receive a great deal when they renew their affiliation each season, including access to the rewards of England Football Accreditation, which raises standards and supports development by recognising and rewarding clubs and leagues for their commitment and achievements. We also provide a disciplinary structure and insurance.
Just Play
how we lead in football

importance of Respect

When successfully promoted leagues and clubs can recruit and retain more referees, players and teams by providing a more enjoyable playing environment.

Football is for all and should be enjoyed in a safe, fun and inclusive environment, where you and I can play our part. We want to embed Respect right the way through Essex football.