Jim Smith Cup Winners 22/23

Jim Smith Under 11s 7v7 Memorial Cup

Competition Secretary: GRAEME FARQUHAR

Tel: 07590 676021 (M), E-Mail: ecsfaprimary@gmail.com

All group matches to be completed by 30th November:

The venue for each match is as follows: 1v6, 2v5, 3v4, 4v2, 5v1, 3v6, 4v5, 5v3, 6v2, 3v1, 5v6, 6v4, 1v2, 1v4, 2v3.

Group ABenhurst, Henry Green, Monteagle, Beam, Benyon (5)
Group B: St Helens (Plaistow), St Peters, St Aubyn’s, Northbury, George Carey (5)
Group C: Great Dunmow, Burnham, Ingatestone, Gosfield (4)
Group D: Hockley, Northwick Park, Fairways, Greensted, Northlands, St Peter's Catholic (6)
Group E: Grove Wood, Plumberow, Holy Family, Chalkwell Hall, Long Ridings, Quilters (6)
Group F: St Anne Line, Great Berry, Ashingdon, Sunnymede, Greenways, Lee Chapel (6)
Group G: Brentwood Prep, Shenfield St Mary's, Brightside, Buttsbury, South Green, St Helens (6)
Group H: Bentley St Pauls, Doddinghurst, St Thomas of Canterbury, St Joseph’s the Worker, North Crescent (5)
Group I: Downhall, Rayleigh, Wyburns, Saint Pierre, West Leigh, Oakfield (6)

Preliminary Round (by 12th December)

A - St Thomas of Canterbury W-L Downhall
B - West Leigh 1-5 Bentley St Pauls

First Round (by 19th December):

1 - Beam 4-0 Northbury
2 - George Carey 2-0 Henry Green
3 - Great Dunmow 8-1 Northwick Park
4 - St Peter's Catholic W-L Ingatestone
5 - Plumberow 0-5 Lee Chapel
6 - Sunnymede 1-4 Chalkwell Hall
7 - Brentwood Prep 2-1 Bentley St Pauls
8 - St Thomas of Canterbury 3-0 St Helens

Quarter-Finals (by 31st January):

9 - Beam 2-3 Great Dunmow (aet)
10 - George Carey 1-2 St Peter's Catholic
11 - Lee Chapel 2-2 Brentwood Prep (aet, 3-4 on pens)
12 - Chalkwell Hall 1-1 St Thomas of Canterbury (aet, 0-1 on pens)

Semi-Finals (by 1st March):

13 - Great Dunmow 5-3 Brentwood Prep
14 - St Peter's Catholic 3-1 St Thomas of Canterbury

Final (Details TBC):

15 - Great Dunmow vs St Peter's Catholic