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Developing a New Competition

THINKING OF STARTING a new competition?

Here's the process we undertake to make that happen

We have a number of existing affiliated competitions (including charity competitions) who provide opportunities for teams to compete across the respective male, female, disability and Futsal player pathways. This covers football across various formats, from Under 7s through to Walking Football.

We proactively work with these respective competitions to try to ensure we meet the modern demands of the game and have the player at the heart of it. From time to time, there may be interest and appetite to start a new competition. The information below sets out the process we would follow for new competitions to be considered for sanction, and the timescales we endeavour to work to in relation to this.

process for starting a new competition

Key Dates and Timescales

Expressions of Interest (EOI) to be received by 31st January for any new competitions proposed to start for the upcoming season (the individual will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the EOI).

We complete an assessment of the information submitted and carry out any necessary consultation.

Results of any consultation, and potential competition rules, are taken to the Essex County FA Rules and Regulations Working Group for consideration.

Notification of a decision (normally March/April) ahead of the new season affiliation window opening (normally May).

We may request meetings or calls with the applicant to establish further detail beyond the EOI being submitted.

Expression of Interest Form

An EOI Form, hosted on Microsoft Forms, can be completed via this link at any stage in the calendar year but, as detailed above, these won’t be reviewed until the deadline of 31st January has passed. The lead contact on the EOI will receive a notification that it has been received.

For any queries on this process, please contact:

Greg Hart (Head of Football Services), (01245) 393078,
Robert Craven (Football Services Manager), (01245) 393082,

* The above process is for guidance and can be subject to change, where appropriate

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