The Menstrual Cycle

The Menstrual Cycle

Guidance and Support

Research shows there is a huge drop off in sport participation in adolescent girls (Women In Sport, 2018). Just after menstruation begins is when the drop off often occurs. At Essex FA we recognise menstruation can be a barrier for people to participate.

We are working in partnership with Irise International to break down barriers to participation so our clubs can provide safe and inclusive environments For All. 

“Periods have been holding young people back in sport for too long. It's great to see Essex County FA leading the way and taking practical action to make sure everyone can participate in sport all month long" - Emily Wilson, CEO Irise International.

If you have any further questions on how to support players through their period, please contact our partner Irise International at

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How can you support your players 

Here's some things your club or team can get started on today to help support your players. To showcase how your club/team support players through their period, tweet @EssexCountyFA including the hashtags: #ECFAPeriodFriendly #MenstrationMatters and #SayPeriod

Clubs and teams can provide free period products for the use of by the players during games and training. These products can be kept in first aid kits and in toilets and changing room facilities. 

Clubs and teams can try and choose dark coloured shorts for players to wear and bring spare shorts to training and games. 

Clubs and teams should ensure that players have access to toilets and changing facilities at training and games, with bins provided within toilets for period product disposal. 


We've collated some useful resources to help guide and support you with your players. 

We recently held a 'Supporting Players Through Their Periods' Webinar. This is packed with information and great discussion with clubs, coaches and parent/careers. You can watch the webinar by clicking the link below. 

Watch Here

Below are also some links to resources surrounding the topic of the menstrual cycle, that your club may find useful.

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