Code of Governance

Highest Standards for Corporate Governance


Delivering, Safeguarding and Developing our National Game

The FA were the first national governing body in English sport to introduce a regional code of governance, which sets a higher precedent than the current gold standard for sport and aims to provide support and guidance to those running the grassroots game up and down the country.

It takes elements from Tier 3 of the Sport England code of governance - the current gold standard - adapting and elevating them further to work specifically for football at every level of a County FA. The code outlines key requirements, underpinned by five key principles: structure; people; communication; standards and conduct; policies and processes.

As the national sport which millions of people play and support across the country, it is important that The FA and County FAs serve and lead the game as effectively as possible. This new regional code of governance will support that, by ensuring County FAs are best placed to deliver football as well as represent and support the communities they serve.

County FA Code of Governance

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Code of Governance

Our Annual Reports

We publish an Annual Report which details all of the strategic football development and services work we undertake throughout the year
Code of Governance

Our Governance Structure

Information on our Board, Council and staffing structure which governs the local game
Code of Governance

Our Association Articles and Membership Rules

You can find our association's articles in Section 12 of our County Handbook 
and our association's rules in Section 13 of our handbook, which is published each year, and can be found by clicking here
Code of Governance

Our Accounts

Our accounts are provided to the membership on an annual basis as part of our Annual General Meeting, and are provided annually to Companies House
Code of Governance

Our Board of Directors

Meet the Essex County FA Board of Directors


moving forward 2024

Our Strategies

Our 2024 ‘Moving Forward’ Strategy is aiming to “create a united grassroots environment which delivers football opportunity for all.” Essex remains one of the strongest counties in the country for football participation, covering 19 local authority areas including five London Boroughs.

In-line with the FA National Game Strategy, we're excited by the challenge of continuing to develop the game locally. Also, forming an integral part of our long-term commitment to creating a game free from discrimination, we are proud to share our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Strategy, the first ever published EDI strategy specific to Essex.
Moving Forward Strategy 2024