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About Us

Develop, Support, Govern

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Developing New and Existing Stakeholders

We provide coaching to children and adults in Essex. This includes the England Football Accredited award, the development of women’s and girls’ football, the promotion of minority groups within the game and running courses and workshops to raise coaching standards.

We promote the activities and achievements of local players and volunteers and strategies are in place to continue this in the short and long terms.

Our Football Services Team are available during office hours to provide support and assistance for our county’s volunteers. They help to make the admin linked to on-pitch misconduct, fines, charges and hearings as simple as possible.

This means the maintenance of the laws of the game and the rules and regulations which make the sport a safe, fair and enjoyable pastime is in safe hands.

Fair play on & off the pitch

Rules and Regulations

FA Rules and Regulations ensure fair play in the grassroots game, both on and off the pitch. Find information about the following areas here.

  • Laws of the Game
  • Discipline
  • Safeguarding & Welfare
  • Inclusion
pride in our clubs and referees

safe and fun football

Essex has around 1,100 clubs - roughly 5,100 teams - and we intend to at least maintain these figures. We look after the county’s 1,500-strong referee workforce, and we're involved in many elements of schools football, welfare case management and safeguarding children, too. We develop and govern football for clubs, referees, coaches, leagues and volunteers, looking for new participants and ensuring it’s safe and enjoyable for all.
The FA Respect
we support


The FA's Respect programme provides a series of tools for leagues, clubs, coaches, players and parents from grassroots to elite football - to help ensure a safe, positive environment in which to play the game.