Misconduct Reporting

In the past few seasons there has been considerable change in the manner in which match officials at all levels of the game can report misconduct of players on the field of play.

Referees can report misconduct using the forms in the 'Documents' section and forward them electronically via E-Mail to discipline@essexfa.com. Please note that only these approved templates may be used by referees and not any personally-designed electronic forms.

It is vital that forms are submitted to the correct county football association for processing as not doing so causes significant delays to the disciplinary process and creates additional work for those involved by having to advise where reports should be sent to. All instances, cautions and send offs must be reported. Referees have no discretion on this.

Referees are able to report misconduct in the following ways:

Caution Report Form

When reporting cautions, referees should complete the 'Caution Report Form' and submit it to the appropriate association, giving full details of the fixture, the player/s cautioned and the code/s for the offence/s. The following should be taken into consideration when filling in the Caution Report Form:

* This form is to be used for cautions only
* Players receiving two cautions in a game must be reported on the standard Misconduct Report Form
* Players sent off, or other reports of misconduct, need to be reported individually on the standard Misconduct Report Form
* A copy of the form needs to be sent to each county affected. However, you are required to still include the details of all of the cautions on one form
* To assist associations in the administration of the misconduct, please include team details on the form (i.e. First, Reserves, Under 18s, Under 17s)

Misconduct Report Form

The Standard Misconduct Report Form should be used for:

* Reporting players receiving two cautions in a game and, therefore, being dismissed from the field of play
* Reporting players who have been sent off
* Other reports of misconduct which need to be reported individually

Complete Misconduct Forms Electronically

Fill in the relevant Microsoft Excel document electronically and then E-Mail it to the Discipline Department of the relevant County FA:

Essex County FA Affiliated Teams - discipline@essexfa.com
Suffolk County FA Affiliated Teams - discipline@suffolkfa.com
London FA Affiliated Teams - discipline@londonfa.com
Hertfordshire County FA Affiliated Teams - discipline@hertfordshirefa.com
Cambridgeshire County FA Affiliated Teams - discipline@cambridgeshirefa.com
Amateur Football Alliance Affiliated Teams - discipline@amateur-fa.com

Whole Game System

The Whole Game System allows match officials to submit caution, send off and misconduct reports from non-competitive matches (i.e. pre-season friendlies) electronically directly to the relevant County FA without the need to use E-Mail, via the referee reporting portal.

Referees who submit their cautions and send offs through the Whole Game System do not need to send their reports by any other method as they will receive an automatic response that it has been safely received. Referees will be informed in due course when the Whole Game System will allow them to submit reports from competitive (i.e. league) matches through the referee reporting portal of the Whole Game System.

Guidance on the process to completing and submitting your reports can be found at www.thefa.com/my-football/more/whole-game/referee-reporting. Should you require further support on your reports, please contact james.lisher@essexfa.com. To access the Whole Game System you will need to know your FAN Number and password. The login page can be found here, or in the 'Referees' section.

Complete Misconduct Forms Manually

Complete the forms located at bottom of the page, print them out and post the to the relevant County FA. Advice on completing misconduct reports can be found in the 'FA Guide to Misconduct Report Writing' which is avalaible to download at the bottom of this page. Referees must compile a report and send it to the appropriate authority within two days (Sundays and Bank Holidays excluded).

The FA Disciplinary Department only deal with teams participating in the following leagues and competitions:

FA Premier League - First Team, Reserves and Academy/Youth Teams
Football League - First Team, Reserves and Academy/Youth Teams
Conference Premier - First Team, Reserves and Academy/Youth Teams
Conference North - First Team Only
Conference South - First Team Only
Southern League Premier - First Team Only
Southern League Division One Central and South & West - First Team Only
Northern Premier League Premier - First Team Only
Northern Premier League Division One North and South - First Team Only
Isthmian League Premier - First Team Only
Isthmian League North and South - First Team Only

In addition, The FA also deal with misconduct committed by teams (in the leagues listed above) who also participate in the following knockout cup competitions:

FA Cup
Football League Cup
FA Trophy
Isthmian League Cup
Southern Football League Cup
Northern Premier League Challenge Cup
Football League Trophy
Northern Premier League Chairman’s Cup
County Senior Cups
Northern Premier League Presidents Cup

In the FA Youth Cup, FA Premier League, Football League and Conference National clubs are only dealt with by The FA. In the FA Vase, all disciplinary procedures are dealt with by county football associations.

If you experience any issues accessing the files below, or you have any other queries relating to misconduct reporting, please call Referee Development Officer James Lisher on (01245) 393097 or E-Mail james.lisher@essexfa.com.

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