Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: React Promptly, Initiate Action, Save Lives

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England Football Learning are offering a free, online module designed to help navigate through the challenges faced when identifying a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), an essential, life-saving skill, providing techniques on how to respond appropriately.

The nature of football means it operates at a high intensity, and it only takes one sudden incident, and everything can change. Unfortunately, an SCA can happen to anyone, and this course equips learners with the necessary tools to adapt when faced with a challenging scenario.

This initiative comes in response to the increasing importance of immediate action during a cardiac emergency, as timely intervention can significantly improve survival rates. According to FIFA, SCAs have claimed one footballer's life every month for the past ten years. By completing this module, participants will learn how to identify SCA signs and how to take appropriate measures to respond.

Lasting for 30-45 minutes, the training is available online, making it accessible to everyone across the country who wants to be prepared to save a life in an emergency. This course aims to provide a deep insight into how to prepare yourself when faced with an SCA in football, and how the underlying risks can be mitigated.

The course delves into the standard code of behaviour, touching upon the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) as well as performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Following protocol is essential. Creating an awareness, but also providing an educational element, will, eventually, equip participants with the necessary knowledge of how to intervene when faced with an SCA.

Defibrillation within 120 seconds of a player suffering an SCA can increase their chances of survival to 100%. England Football Learning’s comprehensive online training module covers all the critical aspects of handling an SCA. This programme is not only targeted at football coaches and players, but it’s also open to anyone who wishes to gain these essential skills.

The course is structured to provide clear and guided step-by-step instructions on how to act swiftly and effectively during an emergency. It includes video demonstrations, interactive scenarios and practical advice from medical professionals. The goal is to ensure more people in the community are prepared to act confidently and competently if they witness someone experiencing an SCA.

This course is free… so why not take up the opportunity to bolster your knowledge? Visit the England Football Learning website. You will need to be signed in to with your FAN and password. Interact with @EssexCountyFA on Twitter/X and follow the ‘EssexFootball’ page on Facebook.

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