Football Leadership Diversity Code

Representing a Modern and Diverse Society

The FA Share ‘Football Leadership Diversity Code’

The FA’s ‘Football Leadership Diversity Code’ continues to ensure English football, at all levels, better represents a modern and diverse society in partnership with club leaders, community football representatives, County FAs and other key individuals across the game.

In 2021, The FA created their very own Football Leadership Diversity Code (FLDC), personalised for the development of the National League System, women’s pyramid and grassroots football. It was intended to tackle discrimination and enhance the representation of diverse groups across senior management positions, wider team operations and coaching roles.

Identifying that, off the pitch, club administration and support structures do not currently adhere or represent the growing diversity seen on the pitch, the code demands growth and transparency. Its focus is for clubs across the non-elite game to comply with creating leaders in football diversity, ensuring they promote and deliver the highest standards of inclusion across their clubs.

Over 619 Essex-affiliated clubs have adopted the FLDC, emphasising their dedication to increasing the diversity of coaches and those in management and leadership positions. The real vision is to change culture within club environments to be holistically inclusive, with realistic commitments, recognising the unique challenges presented to clubs with primarily volunteer-based workforces.

Embracing roles both as participants on and off the pitch, The FA are encouraging all clubs to sign-up to the code as it forms part of the minimum requirements for England Football Accredited status each season. Club equality policies, to be adopted by all club members, players and officials, remain a requirement, while signatories of the code adhere to the following five commitments:

* Club Leadership: “our club’s leadership should reflect the diversity of our local community”
Coaching and Selection: “ensuring diversity within our volunteer coaching workforce”
* Culture: “continuing to strive for the most inclusive club culture”
* Reporting Discrimination: “encouraging the reporting of discrimination”
* Raising Awareness: “awareness on the topic of equality, diversity and inclusion”

Clubs can adopt the Football Leadership Diversity Code and apply for accreditation online, and those across the National League System and women’s pyramid will go beyond the foundations of this code as they progress towards the higher levels of the game.

Further information on the Football Leadership Diversity Code can be found below. You can also contact Inclusion Officer, Milly Morgan, via (01245) 393090 or via E-Mail to find out more.

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