County Cups

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BBC Essex Senior Cup 
BBC Essex Saturday Premier Cup
Saturday Junior Cup
Saturday Junior Trophy
Saturday Veterans Cup
Sunday Premier Cup
Sunday Junior Cup
Sunday Junior Trophy
Sunday Veterans Cup
BBC Essex Women's Cup
Women's Trophy
Pelly Under 18s Cup
Cassels Under 16s Cup
Rosser Under 15s Cup
Andrews Under 14s Cup
Cordell Under 13s Cup
Under 12s Cup (9v9 Competition)
Under 16s Girls Cup
Under 14s Girls Cup
Tolleshunt D'Arcy Memorial Cup

3G Pitches

For season 2016/17, competitive matches can only be played on artificial 3G pitches included on The FA's approved list. The list, which is maintained by The FA, can be found via the link below. Please note that any 3G pitches not on this list, or not listed as full-size, cannot be used for competitive fixtures.

List of Approved 3G pitches.

Match Official Fees

For season 2016/17, all Referee fees will be inclusive of travelling expenses up to and including the Quarter-Finals. Assistant Referees, where appointed, can still claim travelling expenses.

Only in the BBC Essex Senior Cup and in all Semi-Finals can Referees claim travelling expenses in addition to the match fee. Where expenses can be claimed, car mileage is allowable at 25 pence per mile with other transport allowable at the second class rate.

Match Officials fees are as follows:

BBC Essex Senior Cup: Referee £50, Assistant Referees (where appointed) £30
All other Open-Age competitions: Referee £40, Assistant Referees (where appointed) £20
Essex Pelly U18s Cup: Referee £40, Assistant Referees (where appointed) £20
Essex Cassels U16s Cup, Rosser U15s Cup and Girls U16s Cup: Referee £33, Assistant Referees (where appointed) £15
Essex Andrews U14s Cup, Cordell U13s Cup and Girls U14s Cup: Referee £30, Assistant Referees (where appointed) £15
Essex U12s Cup: Referee £25, Assistant Referees (where appointed) £13

For finals, a souvenir will be presented in lieu of a fee.

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