The affiliation process takes place between May and July each year, and existing member clubs have until 1st July to ensure theirs is complete in time for the forthcoming season. This is also the deadline for entries into one of the County Cups and to avoid the late affiliation fee.

To re-register for the 2016/17 season, click here to advance to the FA Whole Game System portal.

Click here to read our latest Annual Report, including details on our development and governance activities.

Affiliation prompts for each new campaign are sent out to existing clubs every May via E-Mail, where possible, with new clubs receiving theirs by the end of May, but prospective new clubs are still invited to contact the County Office to register their details. New clubs should have three or four alternative names ready in case their first choice is not available.

If you’re looking to form a new club for next season, just click on the file in ‘Documents’ to access all the information you require to affiliate with the Essex County FA and get the ball rolling on a brand new campaign of football. There is no set deadline for the affiliation of new clubs although, to register with a league or competition, you will need to affiliate as soon as possible to receive your essential affiliation number.

If you have a question regarding the affiliation process, contact the Affiliations Team on (01245) 393080/2/3/4/96. The deadline each season for all existing clubs to re-affiliate is 1st July and there is a £25 ‘Late Affiliation Fee’ applicable after this date.


For season 2016/17, clubs will need to have 'Legal (Public) Liability' (plus 'Personal Accident' for adult clubs) insurance before their affiliation with us can be completed.

We, as part of a specific £200,000 investment back into the game, are covering the costs of each Essex club’s Public Liability Cover at Step Seven of the National League System and below in 2016/17, worth £18 per club. We are also paying £20 towards Bluefin Personal Accident cover on behalf of all of our member clubs who require it. Youth clubs can take out the same cover and receive £7 towards any team at Under 13s and above or £5 towards any team at Under 12s and below.

Legal/Public Liability: Cover is arranged by the association as a group policy, so premiums are more affordable. This allows you to purchase the cover at a much cheaper premium, whilst you also benefit from the wider cover of a policy that has been designed specifically with grassroots football in mind.

Personal Accident:  The FA have made it mandatory for adult eleven-a-side teams to have personal accident insurance in place for the whole of each season. Public liability insurance is also mandatory, and all clubs should carry a limit of indemnity of no less than £10,000,000 for any one occurrence. For adult eleven-a-side teams, personal accident insurance is mandatory and the Bluefin 'Basic' level of cover is the minimum required by the Essex County FA.

For further details on insurance schemes, please click here.

Please Note: All youth clubs require a Club Welfare Officer who holds a valid FA CRB Check and who has completed a Safeguarding Children Workshop and a Welfare Officers Workshop. For more information, click on the ‘Welfare’ link.

Starting a New Club

So you're thinking of starting a brand new club next season? Below are some of the main pieces of advice in the 'Information and Guidelines for New Clubs' which can also be downloaded in 'Documents'. Feel free to contact the County Office if you're unclear about any of the content.

Stage One: Contact us to agree a name for your club. You will not be allowed to have a name that is similar to one that already exists and it's recommended to have several different alternatives in mind before you contact the County Office. An affiliation form will then be issued in late May.

Stage Two: A general meeting of all the intended members of your new club should be called. A chairman, secretary and treasurer should be elected, together with other persons to form a management committee. In the cases of youth clubs, the meeting should be of parents/guardians, who will also need to elect a Club Welfare Officer. A set of club rules must be agreed. To assist you with this process, we have included a set of model rules that can be used as a basis (see 'Information Guidelines for New Clubs') and you will be able to adapt them to suit your individual purposes.

Stage Three: A bank/building society account must be opened in the club’s name. A record of all transactions must be kept by the club, with the accounts being audited on an annual basis.

Stage Four: Your club should then decide whether they wish to apply to join a league. Leagues normally start considering applications of new clubs from January for the following season. A list of websites for the potential options can be viewed above.

Stage Five: The club should identify ways of fundraising as early as possible. A kit, plus access to a substitute colour, will need to be purchased, a home pitch needs to be obtained and paid for, referees fees and expenses will need to be covered for home games and affiliation fees to the County FA and leagues should also be budgeted for. If your club is to be sponsored, and it is your intention to have the sponsor’s name on the players' shirts, approval from the County FA must be obtained. The logo or name must not exceed an area greater than 200 square centimetres. In cases of sponsorship for youth clubs, a sponsor’s name or logo must not be a product or service or other activity that is detrimental to the welfare, health or general interest of young persons or is considered inappropriate, having regard to the age of the players.

Stage Six: The club will need to identify a home pitch. Most local authorities have pitches for hire or you may find some local clubs who own their grounds and are willing to hire them to outside clubs, particularly company sports grounds or local schools.

Stage Seven: Finally, welcome to football in Essex! If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the County Office between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you may contact your local Group Representative.

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