Soccer Schools

So you’d like your child to enjoy extra football training outside of their normal club or school environment? We provide an accreditation system for Soccer Schools in Essex which can help to point you in the right direction.

Why is there a need for soccer schools to become accredited?

With the increasing amount of Soccer Schools being created within Essex, there is an overwhelming amount of choice for players and parents to seek extra training. Therefore, we intend to highlight Soccer Schools who show good practice within their own domains.

Who is this accreditation aimed at?

This is primarily for independent Soccer Schools, no matter what size. This could include those who just run holiday camps in the half term holidays, or Soccer Schools who offer a wide range of sessions from Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) cover to evening development.

What are the benefits for those who are accredited?

There is a benefit package for those who can meet the minimum criteria to be accredited, ranging from intangible benefits such as social media exposure to support from the Essex County FA Development Team.

When should applications be made? Is there a deadline?

Applications to become an accredited Soccer School are now open, and are regularly reviewed. If your soccer school would like to become accredited, E-Mail

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