Futsal and Small-Sided

So you’d like to play some Futsal, or small-sided football? Eleven-a-side is a crucial format of the game but we're also aware that football participation is changing.

Recent years have seen a significant growth in the numbers of people playing small-sided football and Futsal. Their popularity is a reaction to changing work and leisure patterns and a move towards ‘pay and play’ football. There is a wide variety of choice in Essex as we're well covered with a number of quality providers. Those who affiliate their competitions with us use registered referees and their discipline is dealt with at the County Office.

Futsal is quick and dynamic and places high demands on fitness, mostly played indoors using hockey-sized goals and a size four ball with reduced bounce. The pitch features touchlines and players can venture anywhere, including the penalty areas, as well as allowing play over head height. The absence of rebound boards and slight amendments in the laws favour skilful, creative play rather than the typically full-blooded English style. Players are often placed in tight, pressure situations, challenging their technique.

Essex, as one of the nation’s small-sided ‘Focus Counties’, is keen to increase participation in these formats of the game. Could you be our next local hero? Contact your local Football Development Officer to find out more about local clubs, sessions and providers or browse the sections below for details on small-sided football and Futsal in Essex.

Click here for further details on Futsal in Essex, or click here to find out more about small-sided football.

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