Terms and Conditions for Course Bookings

When booking onto any Essex County FA Course, you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions:

Cancellations and Transfers

Learners must notify us immediately if they wish to cancel their space on a course. With the high demand for courses, you may be preventing someone else from attending. Refunds are subject to a cancellation charge. These will be issued if the booking is cancelled by the participant as follows:

28 or more days prior to the first day of the course full refund (learners will also be entitled to a free transfer)
between 27 and 15 days prior to the first day of the course full refund minus 25% of course fee
between 14 and 8 days prior to the first day of the course full refund minus 50% of course fee
seven days or less prior to the first day of the course no refund

In the event of extenuating circumstances before or during the course, please contact Essex County FA on 01245 393070.

All bookings made outside of the EU will only be accepted alongside proof of travel (including visa) and at the discretion of the Essex County FA. Any bookings made without this will be refunded minus any costs associated with the refund.

Please make every effort to contact a member of the Essex County FA team if you cannot attend a course. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your entire fee and will require you to book and pay again should you wish to complete the course.

Cancellation fees may be waived in exceptional circumstances, and upon written appeal to the Essex County FA. Please note, the following circumstances are not deemed exceptional by us:

* work commitments
* misplacing your confirmation
* wishing to move counties

Voucher/Promotional Codes

Some courses will have promotional codes linked to them to offer discounts for specific schemes (i.e. a ‘Charter Standard Club Discount’). Any coach found to be using these promotional codes incorrectly will be removed from the course immediately.


For FA Level 1 and 2 courses, bookings will need to be made through the website to secure the learner’s place and activate the online learning platform for the course. Offline bookings will only be reserved on receipt of full payment and a Booking Form.

We will issue invoices to certain organisations (which need agreeing prior to booking) in respect of coach education payments. If payment is not received within 14 days from the date of the invoice, the respective learners will either be removed from the course or certification will not be processed. The organisation may not be eligible for invoice payments in the future.

* Where clubs or other organisations have credit with the Essex County FA, authorisation must be given from the Club Secretary or nominated person to draw from these funds. We will send the club/organisation updated account information. Learners will receive confirmation via E-Mail once their booking has been processed
* Learners will receive written confirmation and further course information at least seven days prior to the course
* Learners MUST attend all aspects of the course to be eligible for certification

Offline Bookings

We can accept offline bookings in some circumstances, though we encourage all learners to use the online system wherever possible. An offline booking is defined as one which is completed by either using the offline Booking Form, or by phone. Bookings cannot be confirmed until payment has been received in full.

Course Prerequisites

Some Essex County FA courses require learners to hold appropriate qualifications in order to join the course. Details relating to each course can be found at the point of booking. It is the responsibility of the individual booking the course to ensure these prerequisites are met.

Course Changes and Essex County FA Cancellations

* We reserve the right to change the course programme, the tutors and the venue. They can also reschedule an event without prior notice. Learners will be advised of these changes as soon as possible. When notified of these changes, learners may either withdraw, with no liability for fees, or transfer to another course of equal value with no charge
* If there are insufficient numbers, we reserve the right to cancel the course with at least five days’ notice
* The Essex County FA, and their servants, agents and employees, are not under any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury, loss or damage however caused, while taking part in any activities of the Association


If you are unwell prior to or during a course, please notify us as soon as you can. Where the terms and conditions (above) are affected, the learner will need to provide medical evidence in order to receive any reimbursement.


If the course tutor deems that you have missed too much of a session, they reserve the right to refuse entry onto the course. Alternative arrangements will need to be made to complete missed workshops/sessions.

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